Porsha Williams in a green dress walking down a sidewalk holding hands with Simon Guobadia who is wearing an all-white outfit
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Simon Guobadia ‘No Threat’ to Porsha Williams, Says Private Security Guard

More details have emerged about the purported security threats at Simon Guobadia and Porsha Williams’ home. Allegedly, there’s a lot more to this story than what we originally heard.

In case you missed it, Simon claimed that Porsha showed up at their house with a gunman amid their messy divorce. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star hit back and said that she felt it was necessary to have a security guard present because Simon had random women hanging around their house. On the other hand, Simon said that it was Porsha who had been behaving erratically.

Now, Simon’s security guard has weighed in on the matter. In new court documents obtained by Radar Online, Simon’s security said he was there the day Porsha showed up with a gunman. According to this security guard, Porsha had no valid reason to be fearful of Simon.

A word from the bodyguard

In the court documents, Simon’s security guard is simply referred to as Mr. Garland. He’s ex-military and owns a private security company. He said that he started providing security services for Porsha and Simon back in March 2023.

According to Mr. Garland, his role required him to be at Porsha and Simon’s house every single day. That means he had a front-row seat to their marriage falling apart. He worked a graveyard shift and recalled how Porsha vanished into the night right before filing for divorce.

Mr. Garland recalled, “One night I saw Porsha leave in the middle of the night with one of Simon’s Rolls Royce’s. She did not return to the house before my shift ended at 7:00 am.”

According to Mr. Garland, he learned of Porsha and Simon’s divorce on social media later that day. He was also present the day that Porsha arrived at the house with a gunman. Simon called the cops, and Mr. Garland said he was also on the scene the whole time.

“When I arrived at the house, I met Porsha, Simon, the police, and the guy that came with Porsha. Prior to that day, I did not know that he provided private security for Porsha. I had never seen the guy at the house before,” Mr. Garland shared in the court documents.

He continued, “Simon told the police that he did not feel comfortable with the security guy being in the house with his gun, and asked for the police to remain present until I arrived.”

In the court docs, it seems like Simon and Mr. Garland are trying to double down on the notion that Porsha has been an aggressor throughout this ordeal. Mr. Garland went on to defend Simon’s character and said that he posed “no threat” to Porsha. He claimed that Simon had always been “very professional and kind” and was never violent or argumentative.

So, with Simon’s security guard officially on the record, it’s probably only a matter of time before Porsha’s security guard weighs in. We’ve heard everyone else’s side of the story. Let’s hear what he has to say.