Deal or No Deal Island Episode 7 Recap: Alyssa and Stephanie’s Feud Explodes

Deal or No Deal Island Episode 7 recap
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Welcome back! Let’s get right into the Deal or No Deal Island Episode 7 recap. Last time, Aron and Amy snagged a case labeled “Banker’s Bonus,” which was that no one went home. Surprise! This week’s episode, “Are You Decisive?” features a twist with a big reward and a bigger risk. Here’s everything you need to know about Deal or No Deal Island Episode 7!

Fireworks at camp

Deal or No Deal Island Episode 7
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When the players returned to camp, they had a surprise waiting for them. The Banker congratulated them on making it to the halfway point of the competition. He has arranged a fireworks display. I prefer chocolate.

The Night Owls (Amy, Stephanie, Nick, and Dawson) were still targeting Boston Rob. Stephanie set off alarm bells because she wanted Alyssa gone. In her confessional, Stephanie explained that her childhood was marred by abuse. She has trouble trusting people.

Jordan shared with Stephanie her reasons for being on the show. Her father was laid off from his job, and her mom was diagnosed with cancer a year ago. “Since I’ve been out here I realized what’s most important to me, and it is all about family,” Jordan shared with Stephanie.

Tell me lies

Deal or No Deal Island Episode 7 recap
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Striking a much different tone, Alyssa told Rob that if she had a voodoo doll of Stephanie, she would stab it. Yikes! Then Alyssa told Rob that she needed to win immunity in the excursion or be in the bottom two. She said that her allegiance to him hadn’t changed, but that Aron’s might have. When Rob asked who told her that, she claimed that Aron had.

That’s right – Alyssa lied. And she targeted the person most loyal to her in the game. When Aron approached them on the beach, Boston Rob quizzed Aron about his loyalty. Of course, Rob knew Alyssa was acting. You can’t fool the genius from Survivor.

Strategy 101

Deal or No Deal Island Episode 7
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Then Rob decided to teach Stephanie all about game strategy. “Stephanie is smart, but she’s a very basic player,” Professor Rob said.

He told her that instead of trying to take down the biggest target, focus instead on the people who will go to the challenge and don’t have any worries. He mentioned Jordan and Dawson, for example. They could coast into the finale.

But Stephanie revealed how Alyssa was “the most scheming, scamming” player on the island. He cautioned her to keep her gameplay and emotions separated, but his words fell on deaf ears. So, he shared that Alyssa lied to him, which made Stephanie furious. Mission accomplished, Rob!

A risky excursion

Deal or No Deal Island Episode 7 recap
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The players approached a paddle board that said, “paddleboard rentals.” Then Joe, the host, broke down the challenge. The players will be divided into teams of two. The teams will paddle out to unmarked chests floating in the bay. They will bring one back, and then check the value of the two cases inside.

The highest-value chest contains a combined $4 million. If a team believes that their case total is too low, the Banker will allow the guests one chance to swap chests.

Of course, there was a twist. If players grab a chest containing a key, they can either keep the cases inside or use the key to open a golden safe. Inside that safe is a case worth $5 million. But there were “risks” with opening the safe. As always, the team with the highest case value will have immunity.

The Teams

Deal or No Deal Island Episode 7
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The teams were randomly chosen by picking a colored armband. The teams are:

  • Dawson and Aron
  • Amy and Stephanie
  • Rob and Nick
  • Alyssa and Jordan

As the group discussed strategy, they saw a bunch of flying fish. Dawson asked, “Is there like sharks in here do you think?” An amused Ben, dressed in his lifeguard uniform, chuckled.

Rob and Nick weren’t going for the golden safe because Rob needed immunity. Again. Nick has never been on a paddleboard, so he was concerned. The duo had some issues and Rob fell off twice. I thought Nick was a beginner! After that, Aron and Dawson had a moment of excitement when a fish jumped on the paddleboard and Dawson screamed.

Back on the beach, Alyssa and Jordan’s cases totaled $3.25 million. Alyssa didn’t feel like it was enough, so they went back out.

Amy and Stephanie had a chest with a key. Inside the case, the risk was spelled out. If they open the safe, they will be in the bottom two. The Banker never fails to disappoint with his devious surprises.

Their cases totaled $2.4 million. Both ladies, after a long deliberation, decided they wanted to control their own fates. They are opening the safe!

Who made bad decisions?

Deal or No Deal Island Episode 7 recap
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Back on shore, there was a tense conversation between Joe and Ben. “How many chicken nuggets do you think you can eat in an hour?” Joe asked. Ben deliberated before responding. “With a root beer, probably about 45,” he replied. Nice!

Finally, everyone locked in their cases. There was one chest left floating in the bay. Joe revealed to the group that by taking the $5 million case, Stephanie and Amy were the bottom two. The team with the second-highest case value will win immunity.

Alyssa and Jordan have $2.5 million, which was less than their previous case. Aron and Dawson netted $1.3 million. But Nick and Rob have $3 million. They have won immunity, placing Alyssa in danger.

Back at camp, Nick and Rob discussed who should face the Banker. Rob pointed out that both ladies were gunning for Alyssa. He really wanted Stephanie to play the Banker.

Aron spent some time with Alyssa. “I’ve been knocked down time and time again in this game. And I’ve been honest,” Alyssa said. Didn’t you just lie to Rob and toss your bestie, Aron, under the bus?

Who will face the Banker in The Temple?

Deal or No Deal Island Episode 7

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Stephanie Mitchell faces off against The Banker in Deal or No Deal Island Episode 7.

In The Temple, Joe asked Stephanie what she would do if she won the final case. “I’m a nurse midwife. It’s my joy, it’s everything that I am, everything that I love,” she said. “And I’d love to build a birth center.”

Next, Stephanie picked number two for her case. She has to open seven cases in the first round. Stephanie lost four high numbers off the board.

The Banker called and offered $251,000. In the next round, Stephanie will have to open three more cases. While Stephanie was thinking, Alyssa was whispering to Aron not to help her.

Joe asked Alyssa for her advice. “Truly, I’m really not even paying attention right now,” she said. “We wouldn’t listen anyway,” Stephanie stated. Then Alyssa told Joe that she was Stephanie’s target. 

“She is a snake and a liar,” Stephanie said. When she called the plan to oust Kim “low down and dirty,” Alyssa stated that Stephanie was there when the plan was made. Stephanie denied it and told Joe not to ask Alyssa anything else. Poor Aron buried his head in his hands. He looked so upset.

Since Joe was the host with the most, he asked Alyssa if she had any regrets. “I do not have any regrets,” she replied. Stephanie added, “Snakes regret nothing.” Alyssa and Stephanie continued to bicker. Finally, Stephanie took the deal.

Who was eliminated in Deal or No Deal Island, Episode 7?

Deal or No Deal Island Episode 7
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Alyssa Klinzing was the sixth player eliminated in Deal or No Deal Island.

Stephanie opened her case, and it was worth a penny. She made a good deal. Stephanie bellowed at Alyssa, “Goodbye! Karma is best-served ice cold!” Isn’t that a saying about revenge?

Alyssa and Aron embraced as he said, “I will avenge you.” Then, Joe asked Alyssa for some parting words. “I met some friends I will be friends with for life, and I’ve had a blast, truly,” Alyssa said. Stephanie rolled her eyes the entire time that Alyssa was speaking.

In her final confessional, Alyssa said, “I mean, I’m sad to see my game come to an end, but I’m proud of the game that I played. There are some great humans left who I would love to see walk away with that amount of life-changing money, but definitely not everybody.” She added, “I hope Stephanie walks right out that door next.”

Meanwhile, Stephanie was still ranting in The Temple about Alyssa. Suddenly, Aron stood up and said he was leaving. “Guys, I can’t deal with this. I’m sorry. I’m sorry,” Aron stated. “I can’t deal with it. It’s too much anxiety.” He walked off, saying he was having a panic attack. He removed his mic, saying that he wasn’t sure he could continue.

Deal or No Deal Island continues on Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.