Dr. Jen Armstrong on Selling the OC

Selling the OC Season 3 Trailer Features RHOC Alum Dr. Jen Armstrong

Look at what we have here, everyone… Turns out, when one gated community franchise closes, another wealthy side road can indeed open right on up. You see, Dr. Jen Armstrong might not be starring on the Real Housewives of Orange County series anymore, but she will still be popping up on Selling the OC Season 3. To be honest, her part’s looking like it will be pretty small, but hey, a crossover’s a crossover, so, yay.

We see you, Jen

When I first learned about Jen’s latest appearance, I thought that maybe she’d left her cosmetic dermatology career behind. You see, lately, her practice’s lawsuits have been mounting. Therefore, the idea that she might be fleeing her beloved field kinda made sense. But alas, I was wrong.

Turns out, at the time of filming, Jen was just in need of a new house. As we all saw on RHOC, Jen’s marriage to Ryne Holliday had many highs and many lows. Trying to gain a fresh start, these two decided to sell their home and start anew. For the record, to date, Jen and her formerly estranged man are back on.

Insert LeeAnne Locken here, saying “I’m exhausted…my weave is exhausted…the panty liner on my underwear is EXHAUSTED.”

Moving on. At the start of the Season 3 trailer, The Oppenheim Group’s agents are doing what they do best; open houses. However, Alexandra Harper, who joined the cast in season 2, isn’t exactly nailing her gig just yet. You see, at one of these filmed open houses, Jen arrives as a potential client, and she stumps Alexandra.

Jen asks “Is there an HOA?” In response, Alexandra answers “No clue.” Yikes. Alexandra then goes on to flub several additional questions, from her other potential clients, which pisses off her colleagues in turn.

On Jen’s end, this one-liner is all that we can see of her likeness in this series, for now at least. However, trailers are pretty condensed. Therefore, it’s likely that Jen might have a few additional quips to make, during her brief appearance on Selling the OC Season 3.

Selling the OC Season 3 returns to Netflix on May 3, 2024.