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Simon Guobadia Denies ‘Removing’ Porsha Williams From Marital Home

Another day, another note to tack on, as the bitter divorce battle between Simon Guobadia and Porsha Williams rages on. This he-said to the media, she-filed her response, in turn, war is seemingly never-ending. To recount this mess, Simon first alleged that Porsha brought an armed man into their home. In response, Porsha explained that it was just her security detail.

Then, Simon filed for all of Porsha’s communications made with her Real Housewives of Atlanta producers. And now, he’s also fighting Porsha’s recent request, which asks the courts to grant her exclusive access to their marital home. You see, right after she filed for divorce, Porsha alleged that Simon changed the locks. On his end, Simon’s saying not today neck Porsha, because that house is mine and mine alone.

Simon says

To note, these two hotheads signed a prenup just a few days shy of their wedding. In this, they agreed that if they divorced, Simon would have to leave their home within 30 days. However, Simon’s using the “good faith” tactic, alleging that Porsha never intended to stay married. Therefore, he wants the courts to consider the “validity” and “interpretation” of their prenup.

Coming in with this latest find, RadarOnline snagged up Simon’s latest filing, in which he denies ever “removing” Porsha from their home. In fact, he’s now pointing out that he purchased this home using his own money, well before his marriage to the RHOA star ever took place. He’s also revealing that Porsha has a cool $1.8 million house nearby, that she can, and should move back into.

In contrast, this “is the only home he has in the United States,” and he’s been “the sole payer of the purchase and expenses” since 2021. Simon also informed the courts that he’s still living in this house with his five children. He’s also made note that Porsha has “since moved back into the Marital Residence,” after she went and filed for an emergency hearing on this matter.

In his closing, Simon further added that Porsha and her daughter “were never displaced” at any point. Tune in next week, or more likely tomorrow, for the latest in this ongoing feud.

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