Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Andy Cohen Announces BravoCon 2025, Returning to Las Vegas

Despite all the controversies around Andy Cohen and his company of employment, few can deny that BravoCon 2023 was a smash hit. Just like the first BravoCon in 2019, the most recent celebration was held in Las Vegas rather than New York as some conventions past.

In late 2023, who could forget moments like the Vanderpump Rules Season 11 trailer and Brynn Whitfield’s shoes getting stuck in an escalator? In many ways, the convention epitomized all the buzz around Bravo in 2023.

However, despite the success, rumors have flown as to when the next BravoCon might be. Since the 2023 convention ended, there were rumblings that the next gathering wouldn’t be till 2025. Now, Bravo’s addressed the rumors directly.

When and where is BravoCon 2025?

In an Instagram post on April 10, Andy confirmed via the official Bravo account that its annual convention would no longer be annual. “BravoCon is returning to Las Vegas in 2025!” said Andy enthusiastically. Specifically, as noted in the post’s caption, November 14-16, 2025. The video urged fans to prepare for more stars, slays, tea, vibes, shade, looks, and more.

“We’ll see you there,” Andy continued. “Unless, of course, you’re Brynn’s shoe. That remains stuck in an escalator.” The caption clarified things even further, assuring fans that “it’s going to be worth the wait.” Moreover, perhaps as an effort to hold fans over until the next convention, Bravo announced it would be hosting “an all-new event series: Watch Party by Bravo.”

The event series will take place in New York City and Los Angeles, starting this spring. “Bravoholics can enjoy advance screenings and exclusive sneak peeks of some of your fave shows (with some familiar faces ?)!” the caption explained.

Multiple fans in the comments speculated as to why BravoCon might be on hold until 2025. Some suggested that NBCUniversal would be pouring its resources into Olympics coverage this year. However, fans may have to prepare for the worst. BravoCon might become a biannual event.

Once again, BravoCon returns to Las Vegas the weekend of November 14-16, 2025.