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Luke Broderick Reveals Why He Won’t Move for Kristen Doute

Luke Broderick and Kristen Doute live together in and on The Valley… but only part-time. 

The reality stars opened up about their life as a couple in the series’ fourth episode. During a conversation, Luke told the former Vanderpump Rules star that he wanted “no part” in moving to LA permanently. “California is important to me like I can’t leave California like tomorrow or next year or the year after, but I think giving it a couple, a couple of years,” Kristen replied. Later, she noted that after “three” moves in a “year and a half,” she couldn’t do it again. “I need a minute,” she said. 

For Luke, though, he revealed in his confessional that “everything” he’s “built up in life” is “accumulating in Colorado.” Plus, he doesn’t love the city’s high cost of living. “I mean, a 3-year-old’s preschool tuition at a private school is what I paid for college tuition.” 

Will Kristen and Luke have a baby together? 

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Aside from figuring out if they will live together in LA full-time, Kristen and Luke have been trying their hardest to have a baby. Thanks to a special house tour Kristen gave us, watchers learned more about the “fertility moon” she keeps in her kitchen, hoping for good vibes.

Kristen also received some backlash from her co-star, Jax Taylor, over wanting to conceive with Luke. “Now that we’re on this children conversation, I just want you to make sure that you’re ready for this situation,” Jax told Kristen during Episode 1 of the series. “Are you mentally there to have a child right now?” he continued. “I just want you to do your research,” he said after saying a child “isn’t like getting a dog.” 

The VPR alum also shared her fears about having a child. “The only thing I second-guess is my own body,” she told Luke. “I can’t just get knocked up like any day of the week, and I feel like it might be really difficult.” 

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