Real Housewives of New Jersey Stars Who Embody Their Star Signs

Real Housewives of New Jersey
Photo Credit: Andrew Eccles/Bravo

A lot can be written in the stars. At times, it can be interesting to delve into what your star sign means for you. With a new season of Real Housewives of New Jersey coming in hot, let’s take a look into some of the ladies’ Zodiac signs. 

Melissa Gorga/Aries

Even though Melissa Gorga often comes across as sweet and calm, she may lose her patience and lash out. Specifically at Jennifer Aydin, when she pushes the limit. Born on March 21, 1979, Melissa is a true Aries as she exhibits Fire, passion, determination, and courage. Not only did Mel find her passion for clothes by opening up Envy, but she was also courageous when it came to standing up against Teresa Giudice. Confrontation is like oxygen to an Aries. So it makes total sense that Melissa has hung in on the family feud for so long. 

Teresa Giudice/Taurus

I could dedicate an entire article to Teresa’s personality traits, but I’ll stick to this small section for now. The mother of four was born May 18, 1972, and falls into the stars as a true Taurus. I think we already know Aries and a Taurus are not meant to be great friends. A Taurus can be considered generous, loyal,  and patient. Teresa has talked about blood and family since Season 1, so clearly, she has a deep sense of loyalty. She also, in a way, could be considered extremely patient, especially with all the crap Joe Giudice put her through. 

Teresa’s ruling planet is Venus, which represents the goddess of love and beauty, so no one should be surprised that the Queen Bee is a bit superficial. Taureans also love opulence, which can be seen in Teresa’s over-the-top mansion. For years, fans of the Real Housewives of New Jersey have seen her love for any designer dud, faux or real, shine through. Lastly, the bull is also known to be extremely stubborn. 

Margaret Josephs/Aries

Another Aries, Margaret Josephs, was born on April 9, 1967. The blonde in pigtails is often a dog with a bone, and with the fire sign claiming its name from the God of War, it makes perfect sense that Margaret is always on her toes and able to defend herself. Margaret is known to hold everyone in her life accountable, so as much as she might enjoy a reaction, she is also pretty good at putting out mini battles around her. Aries are known to be pioneers in their field, and the same can be said for Margaret, who is a Boss B*tch. 

Dolores Catania/Capricorn 

Born December 28, 1978, our New Jersey muscle is a true Capricorn. If I had to choose out of all of the housewives, I would choose Dolores Catania as the Garden State star, who boasts a good representation of her star sign. Just like the goat of the ski, Dolo is traditional, disciplined, ambitious, and extremely independent. The mother of two is cool as a cucumber until well, they are not. A Capricorn’s goal is to always be self-improving and bettering themselves, which could explain Dolores’ complete body makeover. 

Jennifer Aydin/ Aries

Born April 16, 1977, Jennifer is also an Aries. The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast is full of the red planet, and most of the time, a relationship between two Aries can be compatible, but it will be exciting. Jennifer’s passion for picking sides has gotten her into trouble with her fellow Aries girls. Jennifer has locked horns with both Margaret and Melissa. Jennifer’s fiery energy makes her a loose cannon as she usually explodes on her husband, and her rambunctious nature can really shake up the group, which isn’t always for the best.