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Rihanna Wants Monica Garcia Back on RHOSLC

Pop megastar Rihanna is a big fan of Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise. She’s boasted about her love for stars like Karen Huger, Dorit Kemsley, and Kyle Richards. Now, she’s advocating for Real Housewives of Salt Lake City‘s Monica Garcia to get her job back. 

During her chat with Interview Magazine, Rihanna discussed the latest happenings in the Bravoverse. She shared her thoughts about Tom Sandoval and Reality Von Tease. The latter was an Instagram account run by Monica and used to troll her cast mates, including Heather Gay and Jen Shah.

However, Rihanna, who has 14 No. 1 songs on the Billboard Hot 100, thinks Bravo made the wrong move. When asked if Monica should’ve been allowed to return, the A-lister didn’t mince her words. “I mean, if Tom Sandoval can come back, Monica should definitely be able to come back,” she said. 

What’s next with Monica after departing RHOSLC? 

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Although many watchers enjoyed Monica’s first season on RHOSLC, the love wasn’t enough for Bravo to keep her around. After finding out the network gave the controversial one-season wonder the boot, Lisa Barlow commented, saying it didn’t surprise her at all. 

“It wasn’t a shock, but it was also something we didn’t know,” Lisa said. “Bravo doesn’t call us and say, ‘Hey, guess what, Monica isn’t coming back.’ You find out by who shows up for things. I wasn’t shocked by it.”

“We all are given an opportunity and it’s what we do with that opportunity that creates longevity in a situation,” Lisa explained. “I think the way Monica went into this … it was like deceit, and then she was caught, so she had to come clean because there were proof, receipts, timelines. I’m not really surprised.”

Whether Monica will later have a resurgence like her Housewives sister, Phaedra Parks, who starred in the latest seasons of The Traitors and Married To Medicine, is yet to be determined. However, she’s been vocal about her interest in exploring other shows. 

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