How Below Deck’s Fraser Olender Might Be Overreacting About Barbie Pascual

Fraser Olender
Photo by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures UK

As the chief stew on St. David, Fraser Olender has his hands full. The Below Deck star is trying to assert himself and keep his position of power. But a clash of the titans is stalling him and his work. Barbie Pascual seemed like a tough cookie, but the last few episodes have shown her giving the silent treatment and picking fights with her boss. Both agree that they are just too different to get along, but is either one of them trying? 

Barbie has come to Fraser’s defense on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, saying that after watching the season back, she understood why the chief stew had a problem with her attitude. Barbie also noted that she respects Fraser and learned a lot from him. So maybe there will be makeup in their future, but for now, they are not on good terms. Let’s take a look. 

Fraser is sensitive

Now, I like Fraser. I think he is a hard worker and genuinely wants to get along with people. But does he need to check his emotions at the door and learn how to talk to his crew? A head of the department can’t just fire people they don’t like, even if she is the most annoying on board. The latest episode of Below Deck showed Fraser reaching a limit with his feelings towards Barbie. And I feel a rash decision coming on. 

Fraser has struggled to manage his crew’s emotions. Barbie wasn’t the only one, as Cat Baugh also had a hard time sharing her issues with the fearless leader. While it seems Fraser is compassionate to an extent, he lacks patience when diving into the issues. Barbie shouldn’t ignore her boss’ work commands or talk back. But Fraser could be a better communicator, yes. 

Fraser picks on Barbie

I’m getting mean-girl vibes from Fraser due to his treatment of Barbie. Now, I don’t think Barbie is an angel, but if she is quiet, he asks why. If she speaks her mind, he asks why. The girl can do nothing right. It doesn’t help that Fraser has tried three times to address the serious issues while off the boat and drinking. We all can agree that this is not the time or place to have a serious work chat as it is guaranteed to get a poor result. 

Game of telephone

Fraser kind of gossips about Barbie. This includes confiding in Ben Willoughby, whom he has openly stated he doesn’t even trust. The math isn’t mathing here. Even though he knew Paris Field, the new arrival, he also spilled the drama to her, putting the newest stew in a very awkward position as she tried her best to console both Barbie and her boss. 

Fraser wants perfection

I can’t imagine the amount of OCD retouching that goes into making the ship look tip-top shape. But I can’t help but feel Fraser’s striving for perfection is hurting his leadership ability. As much as I hate to admit it, it feels like he is a bit of a micromanager. Fraser has set himself a clear line in the sand. Noting he was not going to have a repeat of Season 10 when he was walked over. 

So far, during Season 11, everyone who has been fired has not been great at their job. But Barbie seems to be the exception. She has done her job well, even when a stew is down, and hasn’t created any conflict in front of the charter guests. As the leader, Fraser should try his hardest to bring out her best. Barbie does her job well and I want to see Fraser turn things around. So remember, Fras, not everyone you work with needs to be your best friend.