Below Deck Stars Paris Field and Jake Foulger’s Relationship Explained

Paris Field - Below Deck

Paris Field just came onboard the motor yacht St. David. Taking the place of Cat Baugh, Paris will hopefully start shaking things up a bit on Below Deck Season 11. While it’s unclear exactly where she’ll fall in the verbal battles that are currently consuming her team, we do know that she isn’t afraid to speak her mind. We also know that she’s dead on the inside, which, same.

That’s not all that we know about Paris, however. In Season 9, deckhand Jake Foulger FaceTimed her, because she was his fiancé. Small ocean, eh? During the remainder of his time spent on Bravo, Jake didn’t reveal much more about his land-based romance, but it became clear that whoever Paris was, she was very special to him.

While we wait for Paris to divulge more about her personal life this season on BD, here’s a quick explainer on her relationship with my favorite never-clothed deckhand, Jake.

Their engagement that wasn’t

In Season 9, Jake had a bit of a boatmance with Rayna Lindsey. It wasn’t anything super serious, though it might have turned into something much more, had Jake not told Paris about his kiss with the stew. When Paris was given this update by Jake, she was upset, which shocked Jake, causing him to cut off his boatmance, and come clean with his crew.

Turns out, he was actually engaged. Rayna’s thrill was minimal, to say the very least. But wait? Why would an engaged deckhand be kissing someone else, and why would he be shocked that his fiancée wasn’t thrilled to learn about this?

Great questions. Keep reading.

As for Jake’s engagement, he explained to his exterior team that “She’s my fiancée, but she’s not my girlfriend. I’m not monogamous, baby!” Basically, Jake noted that their marriage was going to be a platonic thing. “She’s my mate. She needs a British passport,” he said.

Now, maybe I don’t understand things. But, shouldn’t this have been kept a secret? I wouldn’t mess with immigration officials, but hey, not my yacht, not my problem.

All platonic things must come to an end

When the Below Deck Season 9 crew showed up to tape their reunion, they were down one crew member. It was Jake. He had decided to sit this one out. In its place, Jake went live on Instagram, where he answered a few of the questions that the viewers who had tuned in threw his way.

In this, we learned a little, but not a lot. The first main answer given though was that Jake had been struggling with his mental health, so his absence was due to his need to focus on himself for a few beats. To date, Jake is still working on improving this faction of his life. I applaud him for his moves made, and for his willingness to be so open about his struggles.

Moving on, Jake then revealed a second large update about his life. He stated that his engagement to Paris is no more. He also noted that she had been the one who had pulled their love plug. Other than that one little tidbit, not much else has been shared on their demise, but to date, these two still follow each other online.

I like seeing that at the very least, these two yachties are still friendly. That said, I’m still hoping that Paris will now give us a few additional breadcrumbs about their relationship, during her time spent on Jake’s former series.

A single Paris walks onto Jake’s old series

When the Season 11 crew took a much-needed night off at a nearby restaurant, Paris made her first appearance. Right away, Fraser Olender recognized his new stew. Therefore, he quickly stood up and greeted Paris warmly. While hugging her, he exclaimed, “I can’t believe it’s you!”

Even though it was pretty clear that Fraser had remembered who she was, Paris still explained to him that “We met on the phone, like, years ago.” A Season 9 flashback then played, showing Fraser and Jake Facetiming Paris. This little phone session came after Jake’s crew had learned about her existence.

Oh yeah, Ben Willoughby also took notice of Paris, which isn’t shocking. He’s a lover of the ladies after all. Several scenes later, Ben proceeded to rub his hands on her during their first day off. This was shocking, and from what I could glean, Paris seemed to be uncomfortable as well.

As an aside, I hope that Sunny Marquis goes after Ben alone for this, not Paris. I also hope that Paris will FaceTime Jake while she’s with Fraser, granting Below Deck Season 11 a fun, full-circle moment.