Most Toxic Below Deck Boatmances

Conrad Empson, Hannah Ferrie
(Photo by: Zev Schmitz/Bravo via Getty Images)

One of the best aspects of the Below Deck series are the connections made amongst crews. These relationships can go in many directions. As crew members work 16-hour shifts each day, the stress and exhaustion levels are high. Due to this, nights off typically see drunken antics that either land crews bonded in stitches, or, severed in tears.

On a platonic level, everything from strong friendships to enemies have formed. As for physical relationships, we’ve watched denied advances, innocent flings, and destructive pairings take place. As for the latter, we’ve rounded up the the most toxic Below Deck boatmances seen thus far. If you’ve already healed from the trauma these pairings brought, we apologize.

Oh, congratulations Gary King, you didn’t make this short list. You’ve taken a lot of heat, so we’ll let you sit this one out. But…we’re watching you.

Adam Glick & Jenna MacGillivray

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Chef Adam Glick appeared on Below Deck Mediterranean during Seasons 2 and 3. Here, his first toxic pairing with Malia White saw a love triangle form after Malia also developed feelings for her boss, Bosun Wes Walton. Moving on to Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 1, Adam and the new Chief Stew Jenna MacGillivray had an instant spark.

While this pairing started off lighthearted, it quickly soured. At the start, Jenna introduced herself by comparing her work ethics to that of a Navy Seal. She then spent the entire season in the galley with Adam while her stews toiled away throughout the interior. Their nonstop PDA annoyed everyone onboard, including Captain Glenn Shephard.

Also annoying was Adam’s possessive turn, as his “lack of trust” saw walls going up and mean-spirited statements casually flying. Jenna’s attitude began to then match Adam’s, as the cameras seemed to always catch the pair gossiping about others when not engaged in their own romantic quarrels.

The duo attempted to date once filming ceased, but Jenna is now married to someone else. Hopefully, this pairing is the opposite of her toxic Below Deck boatmance with Adam.

Robert Westergaard & Jessica More


Robert Westergaard and Jessica More met on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5. This season was toxic for many reasons, including Hannah Ferrier‘s firing. While we loved Jessica’s friendship with Hannah, we didn’t love her boatmance with Robert.

Right from the jump, this pairing was toxic. For example, when guests asked for a picture, Aesha Scott jumped in, casually flinging her arm around Robert. Watching from a camera onboard, Jess saw Aesha’s hand drop near Robert’s backside. Jess then went on a rampage, confusing everyone on board, as truly, NOTHING happened between Aesha and Robert.

This level of insecurity and toxicity followed the pair off of the boat, where they spent some time together post filming. They have since parted ways, but they will remain on our list as one of the most toxic Below Deck boatmances to date.

Jean-Luc Cerza-Lanaux & Dani Soares

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Jean-Luc Cerza-Lanaux and Dani Soares became a couple while filming Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 2. Their relationship onboard the Parsifal III wasn’t anything terrible. However, when they left the boat, everything went straight to the gutter.

Shortly after filming wrapped, Dani learned that she was pregnant. Jean-Luc ran for the hills. His mother then got involved, stating that Dani had used her son for a child.

Jean-Luc’s requested paternity test came back positive, confirming that he was the father. However, Dani is still raising their daughter sans his presence. Even though Jean-Luc’s bad behaviors occurred post charters, we will forever label this Below Deck boatmance as toxic.

Eddie Lucas & Rocky Dakota


In Below Deck Season 3, the controversial (but we say hilarious) Rocky Dakota admitted an attraction to Eddie Lucas. Once she heard that Eddie was in a long-term relationship, she stopped flirting with the Bosun. Eddie then began to make covert advances towards Rocky. This led to a secret affair, with laundry room hook-ups becoming their norm.

Fun fact, these two are the reason that cameras are now positioned in every Below Deck laundry room.

Eddie denied their fling once crew members caught on, and even called Rocky a liar when she spoke the truth. The way that Eddie treated Rocky during their time on Below Deck was sad, earning this boatmance a spot on our most toxic list.

Conrad Empson & Hannah Ferrier


In Below Deck Mediterranean Season 3, Hannah Ferrier and Conrad Empson‘s boatmance was a slow moving red flag. Captain Sandy Yawn even got involved (shocking, she’s usually so hands-off…), telling Conrad to distance himself from Hannah, as it was affecting his work.

Their relationship came to end over a cheap pack of cigarettes, as Conrad had purchased these for Hannah and wanted her to swiftly pay him back. When he asked Hannah, she treated his request as silly, stating that in relationships, people buy things for the other. Conrad then went off, calling Hannah materialistic and a gold digger.

They spent the remaining episodes at odds before ultimately spending the night together in the master cabin at the seasons end. Aka, this boatmance was beyond toxic.