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Brittany Cartwright Reveals Jax Taylor Put Her Down ‘A Lot’ Over Looks

Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor are still going through it, and it’s all playing out on The Valley

In a sneak peek, Brittany opened up to her female co-stars about Jax being “hard” on her in their marriage. “Last time I had sex was probably like a month and a half ago. At least,” she said. The reality star continued, saying, “He needs to make me feel like I’m still attractive.” During her confessional, Brittany told producers how difficult it is to be married to her husband. “Jax can be really hard on me. He kind of puts me down a lot.” She continued: “Whether it’s about if I go out and have a girls’ night and don’t feel good the next day or the way I look. Your partner is supposed to lift you up and make you feel good about yourself and I feel like he’s doing the opposite to me right now.”

She added: “That really sucks because I’ve been in his corner through all the s—t he put me through. I have always stuck up for him, and I have always believed in him. I just feel like I don’t get the same thing in return.”

Will Jax and Brittany be able to make it through this? 

Before the Season 1 premiere of The Valley, Brittany and Jax told the Bravosphere about the difficult times they were experiencing. Since then, the couple has shared more, like their co-parenting journey, living in separate homes, and wondering if they will last as married partners. 

Recently, Brittany said dealing with Jax is like having a second “toddler,” while pointing to many of their “really big fights” in the past year. 

“He just needs to calm down. He’s got a lot of different things that he always puts on me. I’m always feeling the pressure of having to deal with things that are going on with him, and that can be really hard,” she said. 

Regarding their future together, Brittany has said things are still up in the air, but she wants what’s best for her son, Cruz. 

“We’ve got to make money for our future, for our son, for his future. That’s what really matters,” she explained. “We’re going to be in each other’s lives no matter what, whether we get back together or we don’t, so I’d rather us be able to be around each other than absolutely hate each other. Let’s just pray it doesn’t get that far.”

The Valley continues on Tuesdays at 9/8c.