Which Iconic Bravo Shows You Should Watch When Peacock Opens the Vault

Shahs of Sunset cast at BravoCon
Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

Over the years, Bravo has had plenty of one hit wonders, most of which have fallen into the vault, never to be seen again. But Peacock, NBC’s streaming service, is about to open the floodgates.

With BravoCon paused for a year, fans need a pick-me-up. Between lost Real Housewives franchises and some series that only garnered one season, fans will be able to catch up on everything they might have missed.

On April 15, Peacock is unleashing the Kraken, aka opening the “Bravo Vault.” So, what will you be watching first?

From the Bravo vault on Peacock: Shahs of Sunset

Shahs of Sunset
Photo by: NBCUniversal

During quarantine, I binge-watched all nine seasons of Shahs of Sunset and was not disappointed. I was actually livid that Bravo had decided to end their run because the show was everything.

The series followed around six Persian-American friends who grew up in Beverly Hills. All of them have extremely active lives and careers. The show emphasized the importance of family and traditions. Yes, the group partied, but it also showed a cultural side that hadn’t yet been seen on Bravo.

The show was never boring, with characters like Reza Farahan and MJ Javid. Their friendship was a huge storyline throughout the seasons. And fans watched as they even dealt with a major falling out. The series was easy to watch and always left me wanting to watch just one more episode. 

The Real Housewives of DC

With only one season under its belt, The Real Housewives of DC made sure to pack every bit of drama into the show. This was not just another city and another group of housewives. This was a show centered around our capital, with women who actually wanted to be a part of change within our country. But perhaps the biggest drama ever captured on a Real Housewives franchise happened here.

Michaele and Tareq Salahi crashed a dinner at the White House in honor of the Prime Minister of India. They even had their photo taken with Joe Biden. It was such a security breach and such a scandal that Bravo didn’t know how to handle it and canceled the series. So, if you’re going to watch anything from the vault, watch this. Uncle Sam wants you to watch the Real Housewives of DC. 

Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding

Before there was trouble in paradise, Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann had their own show about planning their wedding. And it was GREAT. Putting aside that Kim kicked her mother out of her wedding, there was so much more to unpack. In 2012, Kim still had most of her original face and was knee-deep in planning the greatest ceremony Buckhead had ever seen. 

The 2011 reality series followed Kim and Kroy for two months before they said, “I do.” But Kim wasn’t alone. Fans watched her hire Colin Cowie, a celebrity wedding planner, to make sure the event went off without a hitch at her multi-million-dollar home. Obviously, there were some major hurdles along the way. But it will be fun to re-watch the series and remember that the couple was once in love.

Some other long-lost loves of Bravo will be taken out of the fault and include Married to Medicine: Los Angeles, Tabatha Takes Over, Blood, Sweat & Heels, Thicker Than Water, and NYC Prep.

Do you guys remember Tabatha Coffey? She was the strict English hairdresser who literally made every hair on my head stand up in fear when I watched her. Tabatha, who starred in Season 1 of Shear Genius, was known for her sharp tongue. This series watched her take over struggling salons and whip them into shape. 

I can’t lie about this next throwback. NYC Prep was addicting and took me right back to my (public) school days. The privileged lives of the Upper East Side crowd were on full display in this short-lived series. NYC Prep had a chokehold on us when it premiered in 2009 but only lasted one season. Between shopping, dating, and studying, we all wanted to be these kids.