Where Are the NYC Prep Cast Now?

NYC Prep cast
Photo by Jerritt Clark/WireImage via Getty Images

Blast from the past! The short-lived Bravo show NYC Prep is now available on the streaming service Peacock. 

The network announced the news in an April Instagram Post, writing, “We can’t go out, we have plans with @peacock. These shows are out of the vault and streaming now.”

NYC Prep was in good company, featured alongside a few other iconic former Bravo shows, including Real Housewives of D.C. and The Rachel Zoe Project.

The series aired for 8 episodes in 2009 and captured the lives of the elite NYC prep school scene. Basically, it was the docuseries version of Gossip Girl. While its run on the network was short, it made a lasting impact on pop culture.

Now that NYC Prep is back in the headlines, fans may be wondering what happened to the group of precocious teens the show followed. 

Here is what the cast is doing today:

Jessica “Jessie” Leavitt

Photo by Charles Eshelman/FilmMagic via Getty Images

On NYC Prep, Jessica “Jessie” Leavitt was the fashion girl. She had a seriously enviable wardrobe and a ticket to all the hottest fashion events in New York. We were so jealous!

After the show, Jessie followed her passion and attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. According to Us Weekly, she scored a job as a visual merchandiser for a “luxury brand” after graduation. The outlet reported that she tied the knot with investment analyst Jason Brown in 2019. 

Sebastian Oppenheim

Sebastian Oppenheim was the Chuck Bass of NYC Prep. He was charming, rich, and loved hooking up with chicks. He continued to have a relationship with Bravo after the show was canceled. According to Us Weekly, he interned for Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live in 2013. He now works for the luxury New York-based real estate company Rove, per his Instagram. The company specializes in luxury furnished rentals. He married TV host Skyler Bouchard in 2019. The couple welcomed their first child, a son named Arlo, in December 2023. He shared photos of the newborn in the hospital on January 1 on Instagram alongside a sweet caption. 

“The light of our lives,” the new father gushed. “The absolute best thing to happen to us.”

Kelli Brooke Tomashoff

Photo by Jerritt Clark/WireImage via Getty Images

 Kelli Brooke Tomashoff has kept a pretty low profile since her Bravo departure despite having ambitions of stardom. The NYC Prep alum tried her hand at a music career after the series, releasing a single titled, “Gave Up On Love” in 2011. 

Peter Cary “PC” Peterson

Photo by Jim Spellman/WireImage via Getty Images

Peter Cary “PC” Peterson made headlines when the show first premiered because he is the grandson of former US Secretary of Commerce Pete Peterson. The Bravo star said he wanted to be an actor in his teenage years but ended up living a more private life. 

In 2018, he married his longtime friend Quentin Esme Brown. Tiffany Trump was the flower girl, W Magazine reported. According to The Sun, the pair filed for divorce in 2020. 

Camille Isobel Hughes

According to Us Weekly, Camille Isobel Hughes works as “a senior manager for brand and product development at Arbonne International.” 

Her Instagram bio pokes fun at her short-lived time on Bravo. It reads, “That girl from that thing that got 13% on rotten tomatoes.” 

She married Michael Paquette in 2022. They welcomed their firstborn, a son named Charlie, in December 2023. 

“Welcome to the world Charles Anthony Paquette. Born Christmas Day,” she wrote in a December 31 Instagram Post alongside an adorable photo of the newborn. 

Taylor DiGiovanni

Taylor DiGiovanni was the Dan Humphrey of NYC Prep simply because she went to public school. Shocking! Her party where she brought public and prep school kids together will always be iconic. Someone give her a Nobel Peace Prize!

Her life after leaving the show is very much a mystery. She has stayed out of the limelight and her Instagram account is private. 

We can’t wait to watch NYC Prep and relive all the 2000s nostalgia. From the oversized bags to the low-rise jeans, we are so ready for it.