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Candiace Dillard Bassett’s Pregnancy Helped Decision To Leave RHOP

Candiace Dillard Bassett announced her departure from The Real Housewives of Potomac just last month. Yesterday, Robyn Dixon confirmed that she was fired, and rumors began swirling on social media that newcomer Nneka Ihim wasn’t invited back either.

With a recent Karen Huger DUI, tenuous or non-existent friendships, an assault, and a mass cast exodus, RHOP’s path forward is murky. At first, Candiace’s decision to leave the show just seemed like she chose to jump from a sinking ship.

However, she and her husband, Chris Bassett, joyfully revealed that they’re expecting a baby after struggling with infertility. Now that the cat’s out of the bag, Candiace says her pregnancy was actually the main reason she chose to quit the show.

Candiace’s pregnancy was “95 percent” of the reason she quit RHOP

Cryangle in hand, Candiace discussed her desire to create a positive space for her growing family with Entertainment Tonight. As viewers saw this latest season, there wasn’t a single positive vibe to be found in Potomac proper – or even North Potomac. Leaving was an easy decision for her.

Candiace began, “I was really adamant about creating a space for not just the baby, but for me — for us — for this time in our lives.”

“I wanted the space around us and around our child to feel peaceful and to feel free and to feel positive without any added pressure, good, bad or indifferent from the show. I was not confident that I could have that in the space that the show exists in, currently. It was kind of a no-brainer,” she added.

At first, Candiace thought she could balance the show with her pregnancy, but as her pregnancy progressed, she realized that it wouldn’t align with this new chapter. She revealed that the decision to leave was entirely hers, dispelling any rumors of being fired.

“I would have nightmares about it not working,” she admitted. “I could maybe only [be pregnant] once, like, who knows? It’s such a gift and a blessing, and a really amazing and scary time. I just wanted to experience it free of any unwarranted stuff.”

Of course, the show’s current fractured messiness was also a factor in her uninvolving herself. But, Candiace “hope[s] [the remaining cast] can unsink themselves” and “wish[es] them well.”

Could we eventually see a Bassett Family spin-off?

The Bassetts aren’t opposed to eventually returning to TV in a new capacity.

“The space would have to be different,” they agreed. “I think time is always a teller of all things.”

As for what type of show? “…It would be cool to add to the list of our lives together. ‘Hey, look! Watch us become parents…’ or, ‘Watch me become a parent for the first time and keep someone alive.'”

Candiace also teased new music. There will probably be a lot of lullabies in her future!

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