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Carl Radke ‘Besties’ With Austen Kroll After Lindsay Hubbard Split

Are Carl Radke and Austen Kroll comparing notes on their respective relationships with Summer House star Lindsay Hubbard?

Even though they have a shared background in beverage marketing, it seems kind of weird to base a friendship on bonding with someone who also slept with your ex.

You probably remember that Lindsay and Austen were involved/hooking up for a few months a couple of years ago. It never really seemed to progress beyond the physical before Lindsay reunited with Carl and eventually got engaged. But now Lindsay’s two exes have seemingly become “besties.”

Austen has a new gal, while Carl’s taking his time

The Charleston native and the New Yorker recently met up at an undisclosed location, where they were spotted by fans. They obliged by posing for a photo (no longer available), which Carl re-shared on his Instagram Stories. The photo was captioned, “Hi Besties.” 

These days Austen has a new girlfriend. “I am seeing someone right now, yeah,” he told Andy Cohen during an episode of Watch What Happens Live back in January. He also revealed that his girlfriend was “not” based in Charleston, nor is she on a TV show.

As for Carl, he’s taking things slow and doesn’t feel ready to jump back into the dating pool just yet. Concentrating on his sobriety and getting himself emotionally healthy is a smart move on his part. Months following the end of his engagement to Lindsay, he’s enjoying his space.

“I don’t feel like it’s responsible or fair to try and pursue a new relationship when there’s still some entanglements,” the Loverboy salesman, says as the breakup of his engagement plays out on TV. “I personally feel like it’s best for me to take some more time, really focus on myself, my career, my family, my friendships.”

Sounds like a good plan. Take your time, Carl. Sometimes the best relationships find you when you’re not even looking.

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