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Report: Crystal Kung Minkoff ‘Devastated’ After RHOBH Firing

Earlier this week, Crystal Kung Minkoff announced that she won’t be returning for Season 14 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She held a diamond for three seasons.

Crystal broke the news in a gracious, dignified Instagram video that even impressed Andy Cohen. However, a source close to Crystal says she’s heartbroken that producers decided to let her go because she didn’t “deliver.”

A source: Crystal’s “devastated” after being fired for lacking a storyline

In Crystal’s goodbye video, she recalled many of the things she’s shared with viewers. They included the weight of being the first Asian American on RHOBH, her struggle with an eating disorder, and her father’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

Despite all of that AND keeping her foot on the neck of an also-fired Annemarie Wiley’s neck last season, producers felt that Crystal under-performed.

An insider revealed to Us Weekly that Crystal is “devastated” in the wake of being fired.

The source explained, “She was fired because she didn’t deliver. Producers told her she doesn’t have a storyline, so they had to let her go.”

As soon as Crystal’s departure news broke, Annemarie immediately threw shade on social media. After a Crystal parody account came for Annemarie and her husband, Annemarie shot back. She went after Crystal, her husband Rob Minkoff, her brother, and her finances.

Annemarie probably thought she ate up the real Crystal, only to find out that she’d basically been shadowboxing. I’d totally tune in to watch Crystal and Hip Hop Rob laugh over that embarrassing mess while counting their Lion King and coconut water money.

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