Why We’re Excited for Kenya Moore’s RHOA Return

Kenya Moore
Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images

I’ve always liked Kenya Moore on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. She was never afraid to share her life story. Something that also stood out to me was how she was shunned by her mother yet still turned out to be a pretty decent human being. Yes, she has her constant battles with the rest of the ATL women, but this is precisely what makes Kenya a top-tier housewife.

So imagine my joy when it was announced that the mother of one would be returning for Season 16. Even amid a cast shake-up. Kenya took to her Instagram to share the good news. The star wrote, “I may be Gone With the Wind Fabulous, but I’m not Going anywhere!” Bravo can see fans want more, so we are getting Moore. 

Kenya is fabulous

Kenya is “Gone with the Wind fabulous,” to be exact. She has longevity, something that not every housewife has. She also makes for some great TV moments. Who could forget the time she got underneath Phaedra Parks’ skin when she flirted with Apollo Nida? I mean, flirting with a married man is so wrong, but Kenya did it so well. Kenya has also brought out some of the worst in her castmates.

Kenya has this uncanny ability to get under your skin without going too far below the belt. For example, she had a long-time feud with Frick and Frack. She was spot on about Mr. Chocolate. And she also checked Ralph Pittman at the Season 15 reunion calmly and gracefully. For me, it is a no-brainer. Kenya is easy to watch, and I want more. 

Kenya is the people’s champ

Without a doubt, Kenya is one of the biggest reality TV personalities who knows how to read the rest of the housewives. Kenya is a formidable force who isn’t afraid to step on some toes to make sure she is heard. While her relationships are a bit dysfunctional, most Real Housewives of Atlanta viewers enjoy rooting for her, making her a fan favorite. She has been painted as a villain, and Kenya knows she is playing a role. Kennie has often insisted she doesn’t start drama, she knows how to shut it down. 

Kenya sticks to her opinions

One thing is for sure: Kenya is no flip-flopper. I love this trait in a housewife because it means that Kenya stands for something. Just like her famous tagline states, “Don’t come for me unless I send for you,” viewers everywhere know that she sticks to her beliefs and never lets up. With Kenya in the series, it is easier to offer her grace when she starts the drama. One is because who doesn’t love a good pot stirrer, and secondly, she is unapologetic in her approach. 

With Kenya back on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, fans will be able to watch her question anything she finds suspect, in this case, hopefully, Porsha Williams’ divorce. It also means Kenya will be willing to sacrifice herself on the metaphorical sword to prove that her hypothesis might be right. For Kenya, no validation is needed for her to do what she does, but for fans, her actions contribute to one hell of a dramatic season. 

Kenya gives calm vibes

Not all the time, but sometimes Kenya can be the voice of reason. I like moments when Bravo cameras catch the mother of one enjoying time with her family or bonding with her daughter. It shows me that Kenya is way more than her reality TV persona. I hope that Season 16 shows Kenya’s home life a bit more than in recent years. I think being able to see a new dimension of the beauty queen will also help fans who might be on the fence with Kenya embrace her more.