House of Villains Season 2 Dream Cast

Joel McHale for House of Villains
Photo by: Matthias Clamer/E! Entertainment via Getty Images

After a successful first season, E! announced that House of Villains will return for Season 2, but who should be on the cast? The new season is set to premiere later this year, with comedian Joel McHale returning as the host. Back in January, Joel teased that filming for upcoming season would begin in February, which means Season 2 is already in production.

The network has yet to release any details about casting, but fans have been theorizing about which reality villains may be entering the house.

In honor of the show returning, we created a House of Villains Season 2 dream cast list. Here are all the notorious characters we hope to see on the next season.

Tom Sandoval (Vanderpump Rules)

Tom Sandoval was the Bravo supervillain of 2023. In March of last year, news broke that he and his co-star Rachel Leviss had been having an affair for (at least) seven months. Fans rallied behind Sandoval’s longterm girlfriend, Ariana Madix, while he became public enemy number one.

Sandoval’s recent villain status makes him a perfect fit for Season 2. His former co-star Jax Taylor represented Vanderpump Rules in Season 1, and now it’s time to add another one of Lisa Vanderpump’s b*tches into the mix.

Monica Garcia (Real Housewives of Salt Lake City)

If Sandoval was the Bravo villain of 2023, Monica Garcia is the Bravo villain of 2024. In the Season 4 finale of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Heather Gay uncovered that her new friend Monica was the mastermind behind Reality Von Tease, an Instagram account supposedly dedicated to trolling the women on the show.

The account was responsible for bringing to light bad behavior by none other than convicted criminal, Jen Shah. The news of Monica’s true identity shocked fans and the finale became the most talked about Bravo moment of 2024.

The Utah native was fired from RHOSLC after the reunion, which means she has some free time. We think she would be a perfect addition to the House of Villains family. She’s dramatic, ruthless, and not afraid to stab people in the back.

Spencer Pratt (The Hills)

Spencer Pratt has come a long way since he was causing trouble in the Hollywood Hills in the 2000s. Since then, he married Heidi Montag and the couple now share two children together.

He may have settled into family life but that doesn’t mean he’s retired from the spotlight. The reality TV star still has a thirst for drama. He’ll never forfeit an opportunity to diss his former co-star Lauren Conrad and has recently been spilling some behind-the-scenes secrets about The Hills.

Spencer would be a great fit for House of Villains. We know we would get some unforgettable screaming matches between him and his co-stars if he was in the game. Hopefully, though, he’d provide more energy than he did during his guest visit in Season 1.

Irina Solomonova (Love Is Blind)

Irina Solomonova was labeled a “mean girl” after Season 4 of Love Is Blind. Fans didn’t like the way she treated her fiancé Zack Goytowski or how she flirted with her friend Micah Lussier’s man.

While she wasn’t exactly a fan favorite, she was certainly entertaining. We would love to see how Irina navigates House of Villains. Would she dig deeper into her villainous ways? Or continue to try and rehab her image?

Cole Barnett (Love Is Blind)

Cole Barnett elicited strong reactions from fans during his time on Love Is Blind. The Texas native received backlash for comparing his fiancée, Zanab Jaffrey, to other women on the show. At one point, he told Zanab she was a 9/10 physically and then proceeded to tell her that their castmate, Colleen Reed, was a 10. Come on, dude. The show is called Love Is Blind!

We think Cole would fit in quite nicely on House of Villains. On Season 1, Love Is Blind villain Shake Chatterjee was thoroughly entertaining and fans are craving another LIB cast member to “Shake” things up. We think Cole could be that guy.

Kenya Moore (Real Housewives of Atlanta)

Kenya Moore is the ultimate reality TV villain. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star has been causing drama and delivering shady one-liners for years. She has perfected the craft of being a villain, which is why we need her on Season 2.

Of course, she’s settled into motherhood in recent years. It could be that Kenya appeared on House of Villains and actually became the show’s hero. Much like last year’s winner, Tanisha Thomas.

House of Villains returns for Season 2 later this year.