Simon Guobadia in a black suit posing with Porsha Williams, who is wearing a yellow dress; she's looking up at him with her hand on his stomach
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Simon Guobadia Using Children’s Nanny as Witness in Porsha Williams Divorce

The divorce battle between Porsha Williams and Simon Guobadia keeps getting uglier and uglier. Now, they’ve got the nanny involved, and no, we aren’t talking about Fran Drescher. Simon has the nanny who watched their children serving as a witness in the court hearing.

Radar Online got all of the details, and apparently, this nanny worked with Simon’s kids long before Porsha came into the picture. Once Simon and Porsha got married, she also started looking after PJ. According to the latest court documents, Simon wants this nanny to have his back in court over the accusations that Porsha unnecessarily brought an armed man to their house.

The nanny saw everything

Throughout the divorce proceedings, Simon has argued that Porsha’s behavior has been “erratic, unstable, threatening, and harassing.” In addition to bringing an armed security guard to their home, he said that the Real Housewives of Atlanta star forced her way into their house on a separate occasion. On the other hand, Porsha said that Simon is violating their prenup by not allowing her exclusive access to their marital home. She also accused him of having random people over at the house, which prompted her to keep a security guard on hand.

In the latest court filings, the nanny has fully sided with Simon. She remained anonymous in the court filing but shed more light on what exactly went down the day Porsha showed up with her locked and loaded security guard. Apparently, this nanny had a front-row seat to the mess. She said she was “always around.”

The nanny explained, “I was in charge of managing things around the home, taking care of the kids, overseeing the vendors, and anything else that needed to be done. I work every day at the Martial Residence.”

Allegedly, the day Porsha filed for divorce, she disappeared into the night and never returned. Simon was traveling, so the nanny said she had no choice but to stay at their house for the entire weekend. Otherwise, there would have been no one to look after the kids. She said Simon returned home surprised and confused by Porsha’s actions.

According to the nanny, two weeks later, Porsha showed up at the house unannounced with the armed guard. Simon tried to get the nanny to meet with Porsha outside the house. That didn’t go well.

The nanny, the ex, and the gunman

The nanny recalled, “I went outside to meet Porsha and I said, Simon is asking do you need to come inside the house to get something. And Porsha said that she does not need to answer anything; and then, she went inside the house with a security guy with a gun.”

She continued, “The man was a big guy who was walking like a bad guy. I did not know that Porsha was coming with a guy. This came out of nowhere. I had never seen the guy before. The guy was inside the house sitting on the stairs with the gun showing. It was shocking to me.”

In a court filing from Porsha, she accused Simon of changing the locks on their marital home. The nanny addressed that in the latest court docs. She claimed that she felt “concerned” and “unsafe” after the incident with the gunman.

Notably, the nanny isn’t the first employee of the Guobadia residence to get involved as a witness. Simon’s private security guard also went on the record. Both the nanny and the security guard mentioned in their court filings that Simon is a mild-mannered man with zero history of violence. Essentially, they’re drilling down on the idea that Porsha is a threatening presence in this situation, and Simon is just an innocent little lamb, caught up in another messy divorce.