Below Deck Season 11, Episode 13 Recap: Merry Christmas!

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Welcome back to Below Deck Season 11, Episode 13. In this week’s episode, titled “Happy Captain, Happy Life,” there’s a new chef in the galley. Ben posts an Instagram Story about Camille, and Sunny is not pleased. Kyle and Barbie had sex on the crew night off, and now Barbie has regrets. Here are some of the highlights from Below Deck Season 11, Episode 13.

Daddy issues

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Kyle and Barbie wake up in her bunk together. Kyle’s pretty pleased with himself, but Barbie’s worried about what her dad will think. She wants to keep it just between her and Kyle.

“I’ve been waiting for a long time,” Kyle says in a confessional. “The whole time, she’s been in the driving seat, and I’ve been … just chasing her like a little lost f*cking puppy, right? … It’s not saying that I always get what I want, but I’m pretty … persistent.”

When the others join them in the crew mess, Fraser says, “Did you guys have a sleepover? Did you make sweet love?”

When Barbie denies they did any such thing, Fraser asks again, “Did you have sex or not? Did you touch his willy?”

“Barbie doesn’t like working,” Xandi jokes, “and a hand job is called a ‘job’ for a reason.” Good one, Xandi. I laughed out loud, but Barbie threw her a look. The rest of the crew teases her about hearing odd noises during the night. “Shut the f*ck up,” she laughs.

Barbie is worried about her dad being “disappointed” in her. But Kyle thinks that’s ridiculous. “You’re twenty-f*cking-eight years old, silly girl!” he says.

“Keep your mouth shut,” she tells him. He says he will, but “people ain’t stupid.” Plus, it’s all on camera. We can connect the dots.

“My father made it very clear before coming here,” Barbie interviews, “[having sex] was the one thing [I shouldn’t do] … Even when I was married, I wasn’t kissing my husband in front of my father. Dad doesn’t need to see it. I’m disappointed in myself for disappointing my father.” Barbie’s got some big daddy issues.

“My dad’s gonna kill me,” Kyle mimics her, laughing.

There’s a new chef in town

Chef Nick Tatlock smiling in a confessional interview on Below Deck Season 11
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Going over the list of chores for the day, Fraser tells his crew, “Remember: we’re the strongest, we’re the best, we’re the cutest. I love you all. Let’s do this.”

Sunny spots the new chef walking up the dock. Sunny declares him “old.” I hope he’s not a pretentious diva.

“I’ve been a chef for 22 years,” the new chef says. “I think I lost my mind a long time ago. Maybe I talk to myself too much, I have a few little tics and go a bit loopy sometimes. But I’m harmless crazy. I’m not about to murder anyone.” Good to know.

“Yachting keeps me youthful,” he continues. “No ex-wives, no kids. That’s probably why I look so good.”

Finally, when Ben brings him in to meet the captain, we learn from the onscreen graphic that his name is Nick. Captain says he understands that Nick’s worked on some big boats, so hopefully, he’ll be better with timing and reading the preference sheets. Kerry says he’s got “no room” for any Chef nonsense, so there had better not be any “throwing knives or pots and pans” in the galley. With that, he sends the new chef off to check out his kitchen.

Ben and Sunny hit a Camille-shaped bump in the road

Ben’s still pining for Camille, even though she cheated on him. He’s looking at pictures of her on his phone. Sunny would not be happy about this.

Meanwhile, Sunny sees Ben’s Instagram Story with the pictures he just posted of Camille. “Wait, what the hell?” she mutters. “What a little dick.” Next thing we know, she’s trudging down the stairs, sobbing, to fill in Barbie and Paris.

“When did he post this?” Paris asks.

“Like, right now,” Sunny sniffles. She explains that Ben and Camille broke up last year. “She cheated on him … I know we’re just sleeping together, but this is just weird.”

Paris confronts Ben. “I hear that you’re being a tosser,” she says.

“Me?” he asks, surprised. “I’ve done nothing wrong.”

“You f*cked with my girl Sunshine,” she says.

“What now?” he wants to know.

“Your Instagram Story,” she tells him. “Bit rude. Poor Sunny.”

“Oh, my God,” he responds. “We’re not even f*cking dating. What’s wrong with you f*cking girls?”

Later, Ben tells Kyle, “I’m just gonna have to finish it, dude. I’m unhappy. I’ve had connections with people before, and I just don’t think Sunny and I have that. I think it’s just better to leave it, mate. F*cking hell, I’ll never understand the mind of a lady.”

The breakup

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Here comes Sunny. He asks if she’s okay after the Instagram post.

“Oh, that,” she says, playing it cool. “It took me off guard. I wasn’t expecting that.”

“That’s me, darling,” Ben says. “There’s always something … I just need to finish this charter season strong, so I think … you know where we are. If we sleep together, we sleep together. If we don’t, we don’t. I don’t think we’re attached to each other whatsoever.” Speak for yourself, Ben. I think Sunny’s definitely caught feelings or she wouldn’t have been crying over you.

When he reaches for her hand, she pulls away and says, “Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow, maybe?” She’s off to cry in her bunk. That’s why you don’t piss in the company pool. It’s awkward. But I’d bet money they’ll be back in bed together on the next crew night out.

As Sunny sniffles down the stairs to where Barbie and Paris are still working, Ben mutters, “F*cking chicks, mate.” F*cking assholes, Ben. She’s a person with feelings, not your sex toy. Get a clue.

She tells her besties, “Ben dumped me … Today’s reaction to what he posted on his Instagram was his last straw. I get what he’s saying, though. He can’t be himself, and there’s always something wrong because I’m f*cking toxic.” She laughs and cries at the same time as Paris and Barbie hug her.

“He’s being a f*cking dickhead,” Paris says. “Sometimes men need to take responsibility for their actions and how it makes other people feel, and he’s not doing that.”

“I’ve been there and done that,” Paris interviews. Girl, haven’t we all? “I’ve learned not to sh*t where I eat ’cause it ends up in tears.”

Barbie confides in Fraser

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Barbie regrets her fling with Kyle. She goes to Fraser and tells him, “Babes, I just want you to know, I’m having, like, an off day today. I feel like I really disappointed my dad.” Girl, live your life. You’re not a child. Your dad will just have to deal.

“Why? What’s happened?” Fraser asks, hugging her.

“I’m having a really bad day,” Barbie sobs. “I’m so mad at myself.”

Meanwhile, Kyle and Ben can hear her sobbing from outside. “I feel really bad,” Kyle says.

I feel bad for Barbie that her dad is so controlling. It’s really crazy that a woman who’s nearly thirty years old is worried about her dad being “disappointed” in her.

“What’s he gonna do?” Fraser asks. “Just be angry?”

“Yeah, he’s gonna be really disappointed and embarrassed of me,” she responds. “Everybody made it a thing. Ben thinks it’s, like, a f*cking joke. I just don’t want this to be a thing anymore.”

“No one thinks anything of you or him or anything,” Fraser soothes. “You know we’re all family. In fact, I’m just a bit jealous,” which makes her laugh.

“We love you,” Fraser adds.

“I personally don’t feel like I’ve done anything wrong,” Kyle says in a confessional. “In fact, I’ve done quite the opposite. I’ve tried as much as I can to make her comfortable, and for her to be acting like this, it’s, like, childish.” Exactly. Especially when she instigated the sex in the first place.

Nick’s first meal

Meanwhile, Chef Nick’s giving the galley a good clean. Poor Anthony was just too overwhelmed to keep up. So now Nick’s pulling everything out of the cupboards and starting from scratch.

“As far as galleys I’ve walked into,” he interviews, “this has gotta be top three worst, for sure. I don’t know how anyone’s not got food poisoning from this.” Yikes. He tells Fraser that he actually cleaned black mold out of the fridge. Gross!!!

Nick’s working on his first lunch with the new charter guests. He’s focused on their request for octopus nachos and misses that they wanted a whole seafood spread. He’s made lamb chops for those who might not like fish.

“Where’s the rest of the fish?” Captain Kerry asks. Uh oh.

“Here we go again,” Kerry interviews. “I was very clear to Nick when I first met him to read the preference sheet. How hard can it be? It says, ‘Seafood Lunch.’ He only has one seafood item. Are you kidding me?”

“I can do scallops quickly,” Nick says.

“How long do you need?” Captain asks.

“Five minutes,” Nick says. That’ll work.

“Good recovery, mate,” Kerry says.

Ben goes back for a second helping of humiliation

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Ben’s missing Camille for some reason. She cheated on you, dude. Have some pride! He decides to Facetime her. I’m not sure that’s a great idea, Ben.

When she answers the phone, she looks surprised to see him. She says she’s doing well. She’s practicing singing and is going to perform live in Fort Lauderdale.

When Ben says he’d love to see her when he’s in Florida, she hesitates. “Oh, I don’t know,” she says. “I mean, I just got to town, like, two months ago.” She doesn’t want to see him.

“Well, cool,” Ben says awkwardly. “Good to hear your voice. It’s been a long time. Catch you soon, babe.” That was rough.

“Why, Ben?” he asks himself after ending the call. “Why am I such a f*cking loser?”

“I kind of feel stupid, ’cause it’s over,” he interviews. “It’s a hard pill to swallow. I mean, I’m swallowing it again for the second time. You gotta learn it from the first time, Ben. That’s just stupid. But, I mean, now I know. F*cking chicks.” Sure, blame the girls for your ineptitude. I’m so over Ben. Can you tell?

Christmas in the Summer

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The guests requested a Christmas theme on their first night, so the crew decorated the yacht with lights and tinsel. Everyone is wearing reindeer antlers.

“In Australia, Christmas is in our summer,” Paris says, “so it’s really, really hot. No snow whatsoever. Santa is in budgie smugglers [what Americans would call a Speedo]. He’s surfin’, gettin’ tan lines … Yeah, our Santa’s naked,” she laughs.

Chef Nick is preparing “The Feast of Seven Fishes,” an Italian American Christmas Eve tradition. Is he making Cioppino? It had better be good because the Captain will be at the table.

“Being a chef, memories about Christmas [are usually about] stress,” he says. “I’m working all the time. This is my busiest time of the year. I much prefer Halloween. I like to get dressed up and get a bit weird.”

Fraser is Santa, wearing a cottony white beard. “God, I look absolutely riveting,” he says, catching his reflection in a dark window.

“Hold on, is there a hat?” asks Paris, who’s dressed as an elf.

“I don’t really wear hats,” Fraser says. “I‘ve got a head the size of a peanut.”

One of the guests has a mutual crush on Fraser. When the Chief Stew shows up in his Santa beard, his crush helps him straighten out his beard. “We nearly kissed just then,” Fraser tells Paris after the guests leave the room.

“I know,” she agrees. “I could cut the sexual tension with a knife.”

Nick’s Christmas Eve dinner is a big hit, and he gets a big round of applause from the guests.

“Nick’s first meal with me sitting at the table,” Kerry interviews, “I’m very impressed. Timing, presentation, plating. Happy captain, happy life.”

“You’re serving up magic,” one of the guests exclaims.

Ben scolds Barbie

As Barbie’s cleaning up, Ben comes in and says, “I woke up this morning to Kyle being very upset. The dude’s been down all day … He really wants to talk to you, but he doesn’t know how to go about it.”

“Don’t get mad at me because of my personal relationship with Kyle,” she says. It’s none of your business, Ben. Stay in your lane.

“It’s just disappointing that he’s been there for you the whole charter season,” Ben continues, “and here you’re pushing [him] aside. I get you have stuff going on, but are you even gonna chat to him?”

“I’m gonna chat to him,” Barbie says.

“He’s such a good guy, and it’s the last thing he deserves,” Ben adds.

“Well, Sunny’s a great girl, too,” Barbie jabs, “and I don’t come and attack you … I don’t appreciate that.”

“Well, I don’t appreciate how you’re talking to Kyle,” he concludes.

“Are you kidding me?” Barbie interviews. “Do you know how many times I’ve seen Sunny cry? Like, Ben, shut up. Go worry about your relationship.”

“Good talk, Ben,” she says as he leaves the room.

“Talk to Kyle, please,” he says once more. Mind your own business, Ben. Barbie’s been pretty busy all day doing her job. Maybe you should go do yours.

“Sit the f*ck down,” Barbie says after him.

Immediately after her “talk” with Ben, Barbie tells Paris, “I just got bitched out by Ben … He just came at me about some personal sh*t with me and Kyle … Why are my personal problems your issue?”

“Yeah, but you know how boys are,” Paris says. They’re so stupid.” LOL. Sorry, guys. Not all of you, of course. Only the ones whose brains aren’t finished developing. Like Ben.

Barbie talks to Kyle

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“Come and have a chat,” Kyle says.

“You’re really pissing me off,” she responds. Come on now, Barbie. Don’t blame Kyle because Ben’s an ass. Kyle hasn’t really done anything. And he likes you.

“I have a lot of things to do,” she says. “But please continue to talk about it with everybody else on the yacht. So disappointing. I don’t even know who you are.”

“Yup, okay,” Kyle says in defeat and walks away. “Fair game. That’s all I need to know, girl.”

“Sorry about that,” she tells Chef Nick, who’s standing right there. “Welcome to St. David.” He just chuckles.

“I can’t f*cking speak to the woman,” Kyle says to himself. “I’m trying to speak to a f*cking child here.”

After the guests go to bed, Barbie runs into Kyle up on the sun deck. “You okay?” he asks.

“No, Kyle,” she says. “I’m not okay.”

“I apologize for saying I wouldn’t talk about it, and I have spoken about it,” he tells her. “I understand that’s pissed you off. I’m very sorry, but at the same time, I need to voice my opinion as well.”

“I thought you were gonna have my back,” she says.

“I like Barbie a lot,” Kyle says in a confessional. “I’ve liked her from the start, and it’s almost built into something that I wasn’t expecting to see, you know? So, this situation right now is really f*cking me up.”

“I’m genuinely apologetic,” he says again.

“I accept your apology,” she says. “I just don’t trust you.”

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