Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live
Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

Andy Cohen Responds to Accusations He’s To Blame for BravoCon Being on Pause

On April 10, we reported on Andy Cohen’s announcement that BravoCon would be taking a year off. The report came after a whirlwind of rumors that ultimately proved true.

So, it became official – BravoCon would return in 2025. However, by confirming one rumor, Bravo opened the gates to several others. As of late, the conspiracy theories suggest that Andy is to blame for the BravoCon delay. As such, Andy addressed these suppositions as well. One media outlet in particular bore the brunt of Andy’s ire.

Did the Andy allegations cause the BravoCon delay?

On a recent episode of SiriusXM’s Andy Cohen Live, the host addressed certain reports around BravoCon. “I read over the weekend that InTouch is blaming me for BravoCon getting canceled,” he said. “Oh, wow. I mean, who did I piss off at InTouch? They’re really on me. This is the most I’ve thought about InTouch in a very long time.”

As for InTouch’s reasoning, Andy said, “I don’t know. Their theory is that I’m going through it so BravoCon is canceled. I think this decision was made long ago because the availabilities for the location that we wanted to be were, it would’ve been that we would’ve had to have it in I think September of this year or something like that.”

He continued, “It was way too soon. It felt way too soon, so I’m glad last year after BravoCon, I remember, and I don’t choose when BravoCon is, but I remember saying to the powers that be at Bravo I hope we’re skipping a year because it just seems –” Andy was cut off. John Hill interrupted to joke, “So, it is your fault.”

On April 24, InTouch reported that a source allegedly told them that Bravo employees blamed Andy for the convention’s cancellation. “There’s a palpable unease surrounding Andy due to allegations ranging from drug use to sexual harassment,” the source said. “Most of the hard-working folks at Bravo are convinced the decision to suspend BravoCon is his fault.”

Reality Tea broke down some of what we believe may have factored into the decision. Expenses, the Olympics, and more, may all be partly why BravoCon is on pause.