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Dolores Catania on RHONJ Season 14: ‘Everyone Takes Turns Making Trouble’

Some big events are happening in the Garden State.

In Season 14 of Real Housewives of New Jersey, Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice are each sending their respective daughters out of state for college. And while Teresa promises that everyone will show their “true colors” this season, Dolores Catania admits, “Everyone takes turns making trouble.”

Dolores faces a big decision when her boyfriend of two years, Paul Connell, finalizes his divorce. “It’s crazy,” she says. “I call this season the royal rumble!” So, just another day in Jersey then?

What to expect in Season 14

Dolores, Teresa, Melissa, and the rest of their castmates spilled all the tea to In Touch about what’s in store for Season 14.

Danielle Cabral warns us, “Expect the unexpected, right down to the last episode,” while Jennifer Aydin calls upcoming events, “Explosive, shocking and, of course, amazing!”

“There are a lot of surprises, laughs, and fabulosity,” adds Margaret Josephs. “There’s also a shift in dynamics. Like the Jersey girls we are, we call it out and don’t leave anything unsaid!”

Rachel Fuda summarizes, “This season sees a divided cast enduring some very intense moments. Allegiances are tested and alliances are shuffled.” So business as usual in New Jersey.

Even though it might seem like more of the same old thing, Melissa calls the events of the season, “Different. There are lots of changes in friendships. It was actually a very refreshing season for me!”

Who causes the most drama?

Opinions vary on who caused the most trouble. “There were quite a few troublemakers this year, not just one!” says Danielle.

“All of us have our hands in some drama, Margaret agrees, “but like every season, the trouble usually leads back to one specific person.” And who would that be?

“Not me!” says Dolores, while Teresa points her finger at the Fudas.

“Let’s just say a valuable lesson was taught this season: Don’t mess with the Fudas,” Rachel notes.

“Who else? Margaret!” Jennifer declares while Margaret responds, “It depends on the day.”

Dolores’ boyfriend Paulie is finally tying up the loose ends of his divorce. Will he and Dolo get engaged once he’s single? “I’m not sure what the future holds for Paulie and me,” she hedges. “But I know I’m happy and at peace with where we are.”

Any big conflicts ahead?

Come on, it’s Jersey! Of course, there will be fights and screaming matches. The trailer for the new season even teases some tension between newlyweds Teresa and Luis Ruelas. But of course, Teresa would never admit anything was wrong. “Luis and I are great,” she insists. “We love living with our blended family.”

The trailer also hints at a falling out between former friends Margaret and Jackie. “I think the fans will be really surprised at how this all goes down,” Margaret says. “I don’t want to give too much away, but there’s a reason why you hear me say, ‘Jackie Judas Goldschneider,’ in the trailer.”

Apparently, Danielle and Jennifer will also have an explosive fight this season. When asked where the two “stand now,” Danielle snarked, “Nowhere near each other.”

Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 14 premieres Sunday, May 5th on Bravo.