International Real Housewives Stars Who Give the Best Drama

Gina Liano
Photo Credit: Sam Tabone/WireImage via Getty Images

Next time you feel like a quick vacation, there isn’t a need to book a flight. Just pop on one of the international Real Housewives franchises. Some of these woman are giving their American counterparts a run for their money. It seems like every country is capable of having its own Bravo series because drama is everywhere. Clearly, these women do not need advice and can handle themselves. 

Gina Liano – The Real Housewives of Melbourne

Gina Liano is a well-known barrister in Melbourne, Australia, but at times, you wouldn’t know it because she just loved to insert herself into the drama. She was known for her crispy tan, big hair, and layers of makeup. But Gina never entered a fight with her co-stars that she couldn’t win. Gina was perhaps best known for her roasts of the other women, including Lydia Schiavello, when she noted, “She’s basically got a prostitute’s mentality.” Gina would say the most amazing thing but then deny it as if her life depended on it. The Season 1 reunion showed her doubling down as she stated, “I didn’t say that. I don’t use that word. I don’t talk like that.”

Kate Adams – The Real Housewives of Sydney

So I really liked Kate Adams when she appeared on the Real Housewives of Sydney reboot. She was young, blonde, and a proud vet. She had everything going for her. However, she was just a bit dramatic at times. Kate knew what she was talking about most of the time, so when the other women tried to one-up her, they wouldn’t get away with it. 

Kate couldn’t figure out a way to get along with Victoria Montano. Victoria wore fur while on Kate’s planned nature retreat, which included a tour of an animal sanctuary. While in the Sprinter van, where all major drama occurs, Kate berated her friend and told her to remove the garment. Victoria obliged but never heard the end of it. After the interaction, I feel Victoria was genuine in her apology and trying to make it right, but Kate just wanted to keep on this merry-go-round for her bombshell “moments.” It was a lot, especially for a well-known professional. 

Mary Zilba – The Real Housewives of Vancouver

Out of the entire cast of the Real Housewives of Vancouver, Mary Zilba was the sweetest. However, a lot of drama surrounded her because she was picked on by some of the other women. Many viewers at the time thought Mary was a victim of bullying, but others wondered if she just enjoyed living in the drama. Mary often put herself in situations where the women could easily pick on her, especially Jody Claman. It didn’t help Mary’s likeability that she whined 24/7 and used to try to promote her questionable song, “Hero.” 

 Iyabo Ojo – The Real Housewives of Lagos

The Real Housewives of Lagos had everything. Between the high fashion and major fights, it was hard to pick just one of the cast members, but Iyabo Ojo was a pretty dynamic one. Season 2 ended with the ladies trying to restrain Iyabo as she tried to get her hands on Laura Ikeji. Iyabo had been doing shady things all season, like convincing the other women to switch pools to isolate one of the ladies. If you haven’t watched the series, take a look. Along with the constant bickering you also will get to see how the other half live in Nigeria. 

Dawn Ward – The Real Housewives of Cheshire

I loved Dawn Ward on the Real Housewives of Cheshire. She was an OG who was the wife of a famed footballer (that’s how they say it in England) who didn’t take anyone’s crap. Dawn seemed to be the glue of the group and had a close friendship with Leanne Brown. The two were as thick as thieves, but somewhere along the way, they lost their sister-like connection. 

The fights between these two got so bad after their demise that during a reunion, security had to step in and hold them back from one another after Dawn called Leanne “phony.” The great thing about Dawn was she always had strong opinions of how the other women should be living their lives. But what the mother of four didn’t understand was that her advice wasn’t welcomed or warranted.