Gina Liano

Also Known As: Gina Marie Liano • Born: 5/18/1966

Gina Liano, a charismatic and elegant reality TV icon, has made a lasting impact on the entertainment industry. Born on May 18, 1966, in Melbourne, Australia, she soared to fame as an original cast member on “The Real Housewives of Melbourne.” Gina captivates with her unapologetic attitude and sharp wit. Beyond TV, she excels as a barrister, showcasing legal prowess. Additionally, Gina is a published author, with “Fearless: My Life, My Way” among her achievements. Her individuality shines in fashion design, with her own line reflecting sophisticated style. A true multitasker, Gina balances legal and entertainment careers with grace and determination.

Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images

Legal Luminary

Gina Liano is not just a reality star; she’s a formidable barrister, showcasing her legal acumen in the courtroom.


Beyond her TV fame, Gina is a published author, with her autobiography, “Fearless: My Life, My Way,” providing insights into her remarkable journey.

Fashion Maven

Gina is not only a legal eagle but also a fashion designer with her own line, reflecting her impeccable style and flair for elegance.

Height: 5’9″ (175 cm)

Nationality: Australian

Show(s): Real Housewives of Melbourne

Network(s): Bravo, Foxtel

Guest Appearances: Celebrity Apprentice Australia

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Children: Christos and Myles

Father: Nick Liano

Mother: Anita Liano

Siblings: Bettina Liano

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