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Brittany Cartwright Slams Jax Taylor for ‘Trying to Make’ Her Look like ‘A Bad Person’

Tensions reached an all-time high during last night’s episode of The Valley. After getting sick on the boat and the car ride to the cabin in Big Bear Lake, California, Jax Taylor began berating Brittany Cartwright for drinking too much. Unknown to him, his reality star wife was not under the influence but simply not feeling well. However, Jax wasn’t prepared to hear this truth. 

The House of Villains star questioned the other ladies, including Nia BookoJasmine Goode, and Janet Caperna, about Brittany’s drinking, which led to a massive blow-up between the Bravo vets. 

Brittany slammed Jax for making her look bad in front of their friends

“How was she on the boat? How much was she drinking on the boat?” Jax asked some of the friends. “Zero,” they all replied. Despite their answer, it wasn’t enough for Jax. “Stop. I’m going to ask one time. Answer the damn question,” he said. “How much was she drinking on the boat?” 

Brittany stepped out of the room and unleashed on Jax for not believing her. “Jax, I can f*cking hear you,” she said. “Everybody here has my back, and you’re my f*cking husband, and you’re trying to make me look like I’m a bad person. You think I want to be in here not feeling good? F*ck you! F*ck you! I’m your wife, and you’re trying to make me look bad in front of all these people.” 

Jax replied, “I’m not,” before Brittany said, “F*ck off.” “Everybody knows that I did not drink. Was I drunk? No. I had two f*cking drinks today. So f*ck you, Jax!” she said. 

Their argument isn’t the first time the pair has fought on camera. Aside from their feuds during the early days of Vanderpump Rules, Brittany and Jax also had a difficult year of marriage during Season 1 of their new show. Their marital difficulties led to their separation, which was filmed for later episodes of the series. Although both have said they’d be open to working things out, it’s still unclear whether they’ll make their way back to each other or split completely. 

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