Love Is Blind Season 6 reunion predictions
Photo Credit: Netflix via YouTube

Love Is Blind: Everything To Know About Clay Gravesande’s Supposed New Relationship

Clay Gravesande from Love Is Blind Season 6 appears to be in a new relationship. And it’s messy!

At the end of Love Is Blind season 6, Clay said no to his fiancé Amber AD Desiree at the altar. The North Carolina man told AD that he wasn’t ready to get married. However, he later confessed that he was not really in love with AD. Oop!

At the Season 6 reunion, Clay announced that he was going to therapy and working on himself. He said he messed up with AD and he wanted to try to make things work with her again. Awww! Welp, spoiler alert, AD doesn’t seem to be in the picture. However, a couple of other people are! Let’s take a look at all the tea!

Clay Got Cozy with Celina Powell on Instagram

The adult content creator Celina Powell posted a steamy video to Instagram. In it, a shirtless Clay kissed her as the two appeared to lounge in bed. OK guys, we see you! Celina captioned the picture with the phrase “life lately.” She also added a heart emoji and the lock and key emoji. These usually imply something serious and not just a fling!

Also on Instagram, The Shade Room shared several other videos of the couple that Celina had allegedly posted on TikTok. Fans took to the comments to speculate if these two are a legit couple or if they are simply clout-chasing.

Clay Unfollowed Celina

Shortly after Celina’s posts went public, Clay’s mother Margarita Gravesande revealed on her Instagram Story that people had been sending her “inappropriate videos” of adult content creator Celina. According to a screenshot of the post shared by The Shade Room, Margarita ended the message by asking her son to “surrender to Jesus.”

Clay reposted his mother’s statement on his own IG story. He added the message “Heard you Mom, my apologies.” I’m nosy, so after he shared that, I checked to see if he followed Celina on IG, and he currently does not, but she follows him. Of course, I don’t know if he ever followed her to begin with. However, one would assume he did. Those photos looked pretty intimate! If he unfollowed Celina, does that mean he is taking his mom’s message seriously?

There Might Be Another Woman

According to his Instagram, Clay recently vacationed in Belize. However, it looks like he wasn’t alone – and no, Celina wasn’t there! Reddit user krzr24 found photos of Clay and another adult content creator, Willow Ryder, spending time in Belize together. It also appears that Clay does indeed follow Willow on Instagram.

The Reddit user captioned the post with the revelation that “Apparently [Clay] was just in Belize with another woman not even two weeks ago. Not that I believe whatever arrangement he has with Celina is real, but it’s nice to see how well he’s taking to therapy!”

The post was titled “Clay moving like his dad.” This is because in Love is Blind season 6, Clay revealed that his father cheated on his mother, leading to their divorce.

Celina Now Appears to Be Throwing Shade at Clay

On Clay’s mom’s post, Celina left a comment to share her side of the story. Seemingly in response to Margarita’s comment about Celina’s “inappropriate videos,” the model said, “Ma’am, your son is the co-star of my movie.” The adult star then added that Clay “knew what he was doing…don’t bring Jesus into this!” Yikes! Well, we told you this was messy!

Most recently, Celina posted a now-deleted Instagram Story of Clay and Willow in Belize (shown above). The photo is a bit suggestive. Therefore, Celina added the caption “Someone tell that old lady what her son really doing.” The model also urged fans to “leave [her] alone.” She also remarked that Clay “genuinely is his daddy son.” All of this tea is only from the past few days. We can’t wait to see what else comes out!