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Brittany Cartwright Admits She ‘Can’t Be in the Same Room’ as Estranged Husband Jax Taylor

When Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor announced their split in February 2024, fans were hoping for an amicable situation. The Kentucky native was the one to move out of the family home, and the two were co-parenting well.

While The Valley couple still communicate for the sake of their son, Brittany recently said her desire to be around Jax has declined.

Brittany described dealing with Jax as “very up and down”

The When Reality Hits with Jax and Brittany podcast is still active. But only Brittany was hosting the most recent episode when she had Vanderpump Rules star Tom Schwartz on.

She told her former co-star on the Friday, May 24 episode that matters with Jax were “not great.”

“Right now…I can’t even be in the same room with him very long,” Brittany explained. “Last time you were here…you were like, ‘I forgot you guys were even separated.’ So it’s very up and down like that.”

Without digging too much into the comment, Schwartz said that from his perspective, Brittany and Jax “do a good job of respecting each other’s boundaries.”

The Valley star had to set matters straight then and revealed while she has been respectful of Jax, she doesn’t feel that it was reciprocated.

“He hasn’t done a good job respecting mine, that’s for sure,” Brittany said. “But we gotta remember I’m the one that’s living elsewhere and… I feel like I’m the one that’s taking all the hard hits even though I was the one who had to leave.”

Schwartz tried to lighten the mood, as he usually does by visualizing his happy place in Florida, where he is planning on building a house.

“I’m using transcendental meditation right now,” he said. “I’ve gone to another place. I’m back in Florida, I’m on the beach, I’ve got a really cold Corona Light in my hand, a shot of Patrón, and I’m happy.”

The former couple had a massive fight on The Valley

Brittany discussed what happened on the recent episode of The Valley when she got into a fight with Jax. The sports bar owner accused his wife of feeling ill from alcohol, when in fact she was not drinking.

“Jax was just going in, like ‘I bet she’s drinking, I bet she’s drinking,’ and I wasn’t. All my friends were like, ‘No she’s not’ and he was kinda putting me down in front of all of my friends,” she explained. “That’s one thing you’ve probably seen in our relationship. Jax doesn’t care to fight with me in front of people.”

Brittany described “bursting out of that room” that she was sleeping in to confront her then-husband after overhearing him speaking with the rest of the cast.

“I came busting out of that room, they had a boom on me in two seconds and I just spewed out my heart,” she explained.

Despite the decline in relations between Jax and Brittany, Schwartz confirmed that their dedication to Cruz is solid.

“I’ve never seen an ounce of toxicity around Cruz, which I admire,” he stated.

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