The GOAT Episode 6 Recap: What Bravo Alliance?

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It’s that time of the week again! We’re back for another recap of Prime Video’s The GOAT — and trust me, you don’t want to miss this one. Last week’s episode finished with a surprising double elimination, which sent Justin/Alyssa and Teck packing under Da’Vonne’s power. Some of the remaining cast members, like Reza from Shahs of Sunset and Wendell from Survivor, haven’t been too keen on all of the power the Big Brother star has had so far, so they’re trying anything they can to make sure her plans are thwarted. But will they be successful? Here’s everything that went down on The GOAT Episode 6: Bravo Breakdown.

Who is The GOAT in Episode 6?

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Jill Zarin was named The GOAT in Season 1, Episode 6.

We’re down to the final eight contestants, and things are about to get messy. For this week’s GOAT challenge, Daniel Tosh told the contestants they were celebrating house reality shows. Think programs like The Real World, The Bad Girls Club, and his show—The GOAT— “where everyone lives together as a happy family for the first three hours.” Before the challenge, Jill and Da’Vonne got together to discuss their plan. Like last week, they knew they had to do whatever they could to win the competition. Elsewhere in the house, Wendell and Joe spoke, and although there wasn’t much said, they understood they were each other’s targets. “With numbers dwindling, I’ve always been a target; I think I’m an even bigger target now,” Wendell said in his confessional. “I need to be immune, so I need to win.”

For the challenge, Tosh explained that he would give the players a scramble of letters and a clue as to what the word was. Their job is to unscramble it correctly, and if they do, they get to pop one of three balloons filled with GOATmeal above another player’s head. Several of the cast members had different strategies. Da’Vonne was excited to play so she could see who was targeting her. Wendell, on the other hand, wanted to avoid having a bigger target on his back, so he got the first scramble wrong. Joe’s plan was to go after those who targeted him. So, naturally, he chose to pop Wendell’s first balloon. Chef Jason also got the first word right and popped Joe’s balloon in return. Reza, though, had two of his balloons popped by Da’Vonne and Paola.

As the competition continued, there were popped balloons and GOATmeal everywhere. The final three came down to Paola, CJ, and Jill. However, it was Jill who emerged victorious, making her this week’s GOAT. What could go wrong?

The elimination challenge details

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By this point, Jill and Da’Vonne (who are each other’s No. 1s) have discussed the master plan, which was to target one of the stronger men. Reza was somewhere else in the house and believed he had nothing to worry about since Jill, his Bravo bestie, was the week’s GOAT. “I’m hoping that plays in my favor,” he said.

For the elimination challenge, Jill had to divide the remaining contestants into two teams: Purple and Orange. For her team, she chose Jason, Da’Vonne, and Wendell. In her confessional, she told the producers that she made sure both teams had a target (Wendell and Reza) in case her team wouldn’t be able to pull out the win.

In keeping with this week’s theme of house reality shows, the teams had to balance themselves on beams while building a house made of 16 bricks on a wobbly tabletop. The top would only stay put when the rope was taut. One by one, each player would move to the center to stack their brick, and if anything fell, they had to start over.

Of course, there was some tension during the challenge because Reza didn’t believe the teams were fair. “Jill is straight tripping if she’s thinking these teams are fair,” he told producers. “She stacked her side. So, [I’ll do] whatever I gotta do.” … “You’re going down, Jill,” he finished.

But he didn’t take her down. In fact, Jill and her team won, meaning the house’s biggest targets (Day and Wendell) would be safe. So, who could be going home? It surely couldn’t be Jill’s longtime friend from the Bravosphere, Reza, could it? It’s time to find out.

Who went home in The GOAT Episode 6?

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Reza Farahan was the seventh reality star eliminated from The GOAT.

Before the elimination ceremony, the players from the losing team (Reza, Joe, Paola, and CJ) had to play politics to get enough votes to keep them safe. However, it seemed like Joe was the only one putting the pedal to the metal.

In another room, Reza went off. “Jill is a f*cking bitch,” he told Wendell. “F*ck Jill.” He continued, saying, “Jill’s bitch ass couldn’t put me on her team instead of Jason? … She’s picking you and Da’Vonne. That’s not sending a message?”

In his confessional, he told producers that he wanted to stay but felt he was Day’s biggest target. But before they cast their votes for elimination, he had to play one final move. So, he marched into the girls’ green room (where they were getting their hair and makeup done) and totally took them by surprise. “Hair and makeup? That’s an off-limits area,” Jill said in her confessional. “That’s a no-no, Reza. What’s going on?” He told Jill that he wanted to stay in the house, and if the final votes boiled down to a tie and she sent him home, that would be his “worst nightmare.”

“If I end up going home when you’re GOAT, and you vote me out, I’m going to be so hurt just on a personal level,” he said. Jill, however, wasn’t here for it. “[This is the] first time he’s come to me, which tells me a lot,” she said. “He’s only coming to me because he’s in trouble.”

So, during the elimination ceremony, Tosh gathered the nominated cast members and began reading the votes. But you already know where this one was going. Reza received the most votes (five), which made him the next reality contestant sent packing.

On his way out, he said it was a “pleasure meeting most of the people in this house.” He continued, saying he would stay in touch with most of them and to “please vote Jill out of this mother-f*cking house” before flipping her both of his middle fingers.

In his final interview, he didn’t hold back. “I can’t wait to get my phone, my computer, and my watch and get real petty and block that bitch.”

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