Vanderpump Villa Winners and Losers

Photo Credit: Gilles Mingasson/Hulu

The first season of Vanderpump Villa is over. Lisa Vanderpump planned perfectly curated, luxurious experiences for her guests at Chateau Rosabelle. The estate, located in the French countryside, seems removed from the modern world. It screams extravagance. And shows Lisa’s obsession with floral arrangements.

Lisa hand-picked her staff to both live and work at the chateau. And that factor amped up the drama among the cast. They also competed to show Lisa that they deserved a spot working for her.

Meanwhile, they were also hooking up, arguing, drinking, and bonding. This group was giving Vanderpump Rules vibes with their messy behavior. Let’s take a look back at the Vanderpump Villa winners and losers.  

Winner: Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa told Life & Style, “We wanted to make an immersive experience full of characters that would bring the life and soul to the party. It’s deliciously naughty, but also has a feel-good factor we all need right now.” Amen!

Lisa created magnificent experiences for her guests, all while mentoring some staff members and disciplining others. She had her hands full, but this series was fun and refreshing.

Winner: Stephen Alsvig

Photo Credit: Gilles Mingasson/ Disney

Stephen Alsvig interviewed for the chateau manager role, which ultimately went to Eric Funderwhite. Stephen was annoyed by Eric’s drinking with the guests and not reprimanding the staff for doing the same.

Finally, after Eric went too far, Lisa allowed Stephen to step into Eric’s role. While he did a great job, he also second-guessed himself. In the end, Lisa put Eric back in the chateau manager position. But with positive remarks on his comment card, Stephen proved his worth to Lisa.

Loser: Eric Funderwhite

At first, Eric seemed like an eccentric wildcard. He did a striptease for a guest and spanked her with his belt. He poured alcohol from bottles down his throat and communed with the sheep and donkeys. He also romanced three co-stars: Emily Kovacs, Caroline Byl, and Nikki Millman.

But all of that was a lot less cute when Eric’s past came to light. According to The U.S. Sun, “Eric was disinvited from the Vanderpump Villa reunion taping because of his TRO (temporary restraining order).”

In November 2020, Eric’s ex-wife filed for a temporary restraining order. The order was dismissed in December 2020. Eric’s ex alleged that he “physically assaulted” her. I think we have seen the last of Eric, and I’m fine with that.

Loser: Telly Hall

Photo Credit: Gilles Mingasson /Hulu

Telly Hall was a mixologist with a temper. She argued with Marciano Brunette and shoved him. That was not cool, Telly. Then she became besties with Hannah Fouch, and the duo insulted Gabriella Sanon’s appearance. Body shaming is also never okay.

Telly often questioned whether she wanted to be at the chateau, but with Lisa’s support, decided to bet on herself. She brought the fun factor for the guests, but her comments about Gabriella were just not acceptable.

Winner: Gabriella Sanon

Gabriella was one of the event coordinators at the chateau. She immediately was attracted to mixologist Andre Mitchell, but she backed off because housekeeper Grace Cottrell also had a crush. Grace confessed her feelings, and Andre told her he didn’t feel the same.

So, Andre and Gabriella started hooking up. Hannah and Telly were furious and called Gabriella’s actions into question because of Grace. The duo made insulting comments about Gabriella’s appearance. All in all, Gabriella didn’t let her co-workers’ comments affect her and kept her head held high.

Winner: Andre Mitchell

Photo Credit: Gilles Mingasson /Hulu

Andre was the most eligible bachelor in the chateau, and he loved every moment of it. Not only was he nice, but he made sure that the guests had a good time. We had high hopes for his relationship with Gabriella, but their romance fizzled out once they left the chateau.

Loser: Hannah Fouch

Hannah and her ex-boyfriend, Marciano, were not dating when they arrived at Chateau Rosebelle. But they started hooking up again. Of course, Marciano was unfaithful in the past. So, no one should have been surprised when he kissed a guest. But Hannah was blindsided.

Besides feuding with Marciano, Hannah had a penchant for screaming at her co-stars in the middle of the night. What a charming trait! She insulted Gabriella’s looks and fought with Grace and Emily. Hannah was involved in all the drama. It was a lot.

Winner: Priscila Ferrari

Photo Credit: Gilles Mingasson /Hulu

Server Priscila Ferrari also argued with Hannah about the way she was sitting near Marciano. Lordy! Poor Priscila was homesick, and with Lisa’s support, decided to prioritize her mental health and leave the chateau.

Winner: Caroline Byl

Sous chef Caroline was a hard worker. After a while, she bonded with Eric because they were both divorced. But when Eric started to pay attention to Nikki, she called out Nikki for being unprofessional and kissing a guest. Still, Caroline remained classy and didn’t dive into all the drama.

Winner: Emily Kovacs

Emily managed to slip out of her housekeeping duties and fill in as both a bartender and a server. She hoped to move up to bartending permanently at the chateau.

She earned major points for telling Gabriella about Telly and Hannah’s rude comments, and made a toast for the ages, calling out the duo. Cheers!

Loser: Marciano Brunette

After Marciano kissed a guest, Lisa was furious. The resulting screaming match with Hannah disturbed the clients. So, Lisa put Marciano in the kitchen to wash dishes. Welcome to the dish pit, Marciano! Hannah loved his fall from grace. And she wasn’t alone.

At the reunion, Lisa pointed out that he was disrespectful to women. Marciano proved her point by saying that he “allowed” Hannah to do certain things. Seriously, Marciano? He certainly doesn’t merit a spot on the Vanderpump Villas winner’s list.

Winner: Grace Cottrell

Grace wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. The housekeeper confronted Marciano when he dissed Chef Anthony Bar. Grace received positive comments from the guests, and formed a close bond with Emily.

Winner: Chef Anthony Bar

Chef Anthony’s edible creations wowed all the guests. He didn’t take kindly to Eric overstepping his bounds and turning a refined dinner into a club atmosphere. His fellow staff members spoke so highly of Anthony that he received an additional bonus from Lisa.

Draw: Nikki Millman

Photo Credit: Gilles Mingasson /Hulu

Viewers didn’t have much of a chance to get to know the newbie. She arrived after Priscila departed, and raised eyebrows by snuggling with Eric. She cried during her first night at the chateau after Hannah slammed her. Still, we didn’t see enough to form a solid opinion.