Real Housewives of Dubai’s Shadiest Moments Before Season 2

Photo Credit: Eugene Gologursky/Bravo via Getty Images

It’s been almost two years since we last visited the ladies of Real Housewives of Dubai. Thankfully, Season 2 is right around the corner, and on this, my excitement levels are pretty high. Caroline Stanbury, Caroline Brooks, Lesa Milan, Sara Al Madani, and Chanel Ayan are all returning. Nina Ali, however, is officially out. Taking over Nina’s spot is Taleen Marie, while Saba Yussouf, another newb, will be making her way onto RHODubai in a friends-of capacity.

When we last saw these stupidly rich women (‘sup, my jealousy), relationships, businesses, and parenting were the main topics at hand. However, all of these narratives were questioned, because drama sells. Speaking of drama, two years is a long hiatus for a Bravo series. Therefore, a lot has since gone down in the deserts of Dubai.

To be fair, this cast really ramped up their trash-talking at the Season 1 reunion. Following this, a lot of back-and-forths began going down, both online and off. It’s clear that these friendships have shifted, and that in Season 2, we’re going to be hearing about all of it.

With a side of camels, yachts, sand dunes, and ice blocks.

Therefore, let’s all get ourselves up to date now for the return of the drama, the opulence, and the bling. These are the shadiest moments that have since transpired amongst the ladies of Real Housewives of Dubai. Keep these in mind as you watch Season 2, because these shady statements are all likely to make a reappearance at one point or another.

Jeffrey Epstein’s notebook and escorts

Let’s start with the Season 1 reunion. Here, Stanbury brought a binder, which she titled “The Book of Lies By Lesa Milan.” Naturally, Stanbury used her Photoshop skills here to create a Pinocchio-styled nose for Lesa’s cover image.

Lesa laughed it off, but then her first shady line sprang forth. “You are the wicked witch of the Middle East,” she said, which naturally saw Stanbury going on the defense. In turn, Stanbury pointed out all of the snark that Lesa had said about her. Apparently, Stanbury’s followers are fake, her business isn’t real, and her husband [Sergio Carrallo] is gay.

Lesa responded that she never called Sergio gay, but he did “try to come after” her on Twitter. At this, Stanbury notes that Lesa’s husband Rich came for her as well, by calling her “a 50-year-old influencer.”

Also. I about died here, because several of her costars agreed with Rich’s take.

Moving on, Stanbury trashed Lesa’s designs, trying to say that they were copied. Cue Lesa’s activation button in 3, 2, … “Focus on your bankrupt business, and focus on the fact that you can’t even get a mortgage. Focus on being in Jeffrey Epstein’s notebook,” Lesa hurled back.

After calling her costar “so disgusting,” Stanbury shades Lesa by calling her a “former escort in Miami.” Lesa shot this down, obviously.

As for Stanbury, she then goes on to shade herself, admitting that she “was very good friends with all of them [Epstein’s crowd].”

*Whispers* YIKES.

Chanel’s call outs

After Season 1 wrapped, Chanel appeared on Watch What Happens Live, where shade is king. In playing a little game of Toast ‘Em and Roast ‘Em with Andy Cohen, Chanel refused to roast Sara and Lesa. For Brooks and Stanbury, however, she had some choice words.

After admitting that Brooks was her friend, Chanel toasted her buddy for loving her son so much. Then, she roasts her, saying “I don’t think she’ll ever get paid for that face.” This is because Brooks had said that her own face resembled a scarecrow. Which Chanel had to Google to even understand, because she’s rich af, in a world sans crows.

On Stanbury, Lesa’s “happy that she married the boy.” And she hopes that “the internship marriage will move forward very soon.”

Please always love me, Chanel.

Sara’s slight shade

In an interview with US Weekly last year, Sara revealed that the confessionals hurt her to watch. In these, Chanel and Lesa had asked for their costars to go easy on them, especially Chanel because her son would be watching. Sara followed through on this, but in turn, she feels “stepped” on by Chanel and Lesa, as their confessionals stung.

Sara also said that she and Lesa are not on the same page, as “their energies don’t match.” She also would like to see Chanel step it up a bit in terms of her maturity levels.

Ma’am. This is a Wendy’s reality television series. Maturity? We don’t know her.

Lesa’s lip service

Popping on over to the Two Ts In A Pod podcast recently, Lesa spoke about her newest costar Taleen. Teddi Mellencamp asked if Taleen had “bigger energy” than Chanel. In response, Lesa quips “Umm, which Chanel? The Chanel that we get on camera or the Chanel that we get off camera?”

Yikes. But also, I’m all in.