Kyle Richards won't call out Dorit Kemsley's separation.
Photo Credit: Todd Williamson/Bravo via Getty Images

Kyle Richards Throws Shade: Won’t Question Dorit Kemsley’s Separation ‘Like She Did’

Kyle Richards and Dorit Kemsley used to be the best of friends. But after the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13 reunion, things reached a boiling point.

See, ahead of the reunion, Kyle sent a text to Dorit which the latter revealed to the world. Dorit felt the text was manipulative – an attempt to “silence” her. Fans felt Dorit’s frustrations. Kyle hadn’t been very forthcoming during Season 13, so, her attempt to dictate the reunion added to everyone’s anger.

But recently, the shoe ended up on the other foot. For months, outlets circulated rumors and reports about Dorit’s marital troubles with her husband, PK Kemsley. Now, the two are officially separated. So, what was Kyle’s response to the news?

Kyle’s feelings on Dorit and PK’s separation

During an Amazon Live on May 30, one fan asked Kyle if she planned to question Dorit over her marital troubles with PK. “Not like she did,” Kyle responded. “But, you know, I hope to eventually be able to be there for her. That would be nice [but] right now we have things, obviously, to work through.”

Kyle also addressed Dorit and PK more generally. “I feel bad for them, obviously. You know, going through that is difficult enough without everybody wanting to know all the details.” She added, “So, you know, I feel terribly for them.” As for whether Kyle had spoken to Dorit since her split from PK, she simply said, “You will have to wait and see.”

Kyle’s responses during her Live seemingly communicated a surprising amount of empathy, despite some minor shade. If she can maintain such a sentiment, she and Dorit might be able to reconcile. Hard to believe the two were once planning on getting a tattoo together. Perhaps after these months of bad terms, the two might get to that point once again.

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