Jill Zarin requested "injections" during The GOAT filming.
Photo Credit: Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Jill Zarin’s Health Issues on The GOAT Had Her Requesting ‘Injections’

Jill Zarin from the Real Housewives of New York has been slaying the competition in Prime Video’s new series, The GOAT. The show brought together 14 reality TV stars and challenged them to compete and win competitions to stay in power. In the end, one contestant will remain, win the title of “The Greatest Reality TV Star of All Time,” and take home $200,000. However, based on the preview for this week’s episode, Jill could be out of the running for good.

Get Jill her cortisone injections … NOW

Photo Credit: Prime Video

The sneak peek (obtained by Us Weekly) for this week’s episode of The GOAT showed JIll having a scary moment in which she begged producers for professional help. “Can you help me? I need injections,” she said after explaining she pulled a muscle in her back. “Find me a doctor to come here and give me cortisone injections because my back is in spasm. Badly.”

“I am in so much pain right now. I bent down to put a shoe on, and I heard a crack,” she said in her confessional interview. “This has happened before, and it has literally taken me out for two weeks.”

“This could take me out the game physically. I’ve got to get this fixed today.”

Joe Amabile from The Bachelor expressed his concern for the former RHONY star. “What if we got you, let’s say, crutches?” he asked her. “No. I can’t do crutches. It is either I walk or I don’t,” Jill replied.

Later, in his confessional, Joe discussed what Jill’s absence could mean for his game.

“What are we going to do with Jill? Jill can’t get out of bed, which is not a good thing because we don’t want Jill to be dq’d,” he told producers. “We need everyone to play; otherwise, it just increases Wendell’s odds of pulling himself out. We got to find her a doctor, and we got to find it fast.”

Tune in The GOAT on Prime Video on Thursday to see what happens next.