Jill Zarin and her dog sitting on a couch at BravoCon 2022; Jill is pointing and wearing a green suit
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Jill Zarin Throws Shade at ‘Fan’ Reza Farahan After Feud on The GOAT

There’s a battle of the egos going down between two Bravo OGs. Jill Zarin and Reza Farahan are continuing their on-screen rivalry from The GOAT.

Spoiler alert: neither of them won, but still, the former Real Housewives of New York City star is trying to get the last word in this beef. She just threw some major shade toward Reza, and it’s probably only a matter of time before she gets the response she’s looking for.

The Jill Zarin vs Reza Ferahan feud isn’t over

Reza Farahan competing on The GOAT, where he feuded with Jill Zarin
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In case you missed it, Reza felt betrayed by Jill on The GOAT and called her a “f*cking b*tch.” After filming wrapped, he ended up doubling down on that. He said that he didn’t regret the name-calling and insisted that Jill was just as much of a “beast” on The GOAT as she was during her cameo on Below Deck.

Now, Jill has taken a break from recovering from her extensive facelift to chat with Us Weekly about her feud with Reza. According to her, she felt blindsided by how Reza treated her on the show.

“He had this imaginary history with me that I’m not really aware of,” Jill claimed.

“I’ve only met him a few times. Honestly, he was a fan of the Real Housewives when I first met him. I think that he felt like he knew me,” she continued.

Maybe Reza was on Bethenny Frankel’s side all of those years ago watching RHONY? It’s unclear. What Jill does seem pretty confident about is that Reza was misunderstanding the dynamic of The GOAT, thus leading to even more confusion on his part.

“He was one out of four. I don’t think he understood math because you don’t want to be on the team with The Goat because that person can’t go home. So if you are on their team, it’s one out of three,” Jill explained. “And if you’re not on their team, it’s one out of four. Which would you rather be on? I actually did him a favor, but he thought it was a popularity contest.”

Ultimately, Jill theorized that Reza just “lost it” while filming the show over a year ago. She felt that it was time for him to move on from the issue and just let it go. We all know the chances of that happening are probably slim to none, but it’s good advice.

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