Mia Thornton implies boyfriend Incognito is the father of her kids.
Photo Credit: Prince Williams/WireImage via Getty Images

Mia Thornton Hints Incognito Is Her Kids’ ‘Father’

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and we’re over here trying to figure out what’s going on with Mia Thornton and her kids. We don’t know where to send the card. On Real Housewives of Potomac Season 8, Mia opened up about the possibility that her new boo Incognito could be the father of her children. It was a massive shocker, considering this information only came to the surface in the aftermath of her separation from Gordon Thornton.

Mia and Icnogito have been on-again, off-again lovers since high school, so Mia shared that there was some grey area when it came to her son Jeremiah’s conception. Inc felt that he could be the father, but eventually, Mia claimed during the RHOP reunion that she knew Jeremiah belonged to Gordon. Apparently, something has changed because she just called Incognito a “father” to her kids on social media. If you’re feeling confused, you’re not alone.

Who is the daddy?

Mia recently shared a post on Instagram showing a Sunday Funday with Inc and Gordon. The trio were hanging out poolside alongside Mia’s buddy Jacqueline Blake and their kids. Everyone looked wonderful and happy, but we were focused on what Mia wrote on the Reel.

The RHOP star said, “The level of Joy to see my children’s Fathers laughing and fellowshipping is truly priceless.”

“Truly Grateful,” she added in the caption. “Isn’t always perfect, but we will make it work…”

Immediately, RHOP Fans swarmed the comments with questions. One person directly asked, “SO HE IS THE FATHER???” However, we don’t think that’s what Mia is saying here. It sounds like she’s using the term “father” loosely. After all, she confirmed that Gordon was Jeremiah’s biological father during the RHOP Season 8 reunion. She explained how they conceived him through intrauterine insemination, making it highly unlikely for the kiddo to somehow belong to Inc.

If anything, this Instagram Reel shows that Mia and Gordon have established a healthy co-parenting dynamic. In an interview earlier this year, she told Page Six that keeping a happy family was their biggest goal.

“I don’t keep the kids away from Gordon. I want him to be a huge part of their lives,” Mia said. “I do want him to remain the kids’ hero. You know, that’s their dad.”

So, even though the use of the word “father” might have left us scratching our heads on this Instagram post, it seems like Mia is achieving her goal of building a big, happy family. We love to see it. For Father’s Day, it looks like they’re both getting a gift.