Caroline Brooks talks about Season 2 of RHODubai.
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Caroline Brooks on RHODubai Season 2: ‘I Need to Watch My Mouth’

Anyone who watched Season 1 of the Real Housewives of Dubai knows Caroline Brooks can be explosive. Well, lucky for us, she hasn’t changed a bit for Season 2.

Caroline needed someone to “reel” her in during Season 2 of RHODubai

Photo Credit: Yasmin Hussain/Bravo

Caroline spoke with OK Magazine about the rest of Season 2 and said she let her guard down a lot more this year. “Coming into filming last year, I was a lot more comfortable,” she said. “I forgot that the cameras were there. It became really second nature to me. The first season I feel like I had a little bit more nervousness because this was something really foreign to me.”

The Bravo alum also said things get quite heated during the later episodes, saying she wished somebody would’ve checked her. “I need to watch my mouth, though. I’m a little bit unfiltered, but hey, what can I do?” she joked. “I totally didn’t hold back at all. I wish somebody would’ve reeled me in a little bit because I definitely did not hold back — but it’s not really my personality.”

The mother also discussed her relationship with the new Housewife, Taleen Marie. Although Brooks introduced her to the group, things shifted between them later. “There were two huge shocks for me. The shock of the friendship that shifted with the person I brought in, which is Taleen, was pretty shocking. You think you know someone after nine years, but as soon as a television show comes around and cameras are rolling, they can be a chameleon and turn into a different person,” she said.

Caroline learned a powerful lesson after her fallout with Taleen

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This isn’t new with the Housewives, though. Any fan of the show knows close friends fall out all of the time. But it looks like Caroline learned the hard way.

“No matter how much a friend has been in my life, how long, and how much they beg, don’t bring them into my other group of friends,” she said. “Keep friends separated because this can cause a recipe for disaster. You could lose a real friend because they have an agenda, and they want to get to where they want to be, and you become last. I always put everybody first. So that that ended up really hurting me.”

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