Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2 Taglines Ranked

RHODubai Season 2 taglines ranked.
Photo Credit: Chris Haston/Fred Jagueneau/Bravo via Getty Images

The Real Housewives of Dubai is finally back for Season 2, after a two-year hiatus. It may be a controversial opinion, but I find this to be one of the most captivating Real Housewives series. Dubai is an exotic international tourist spot, which offers luxuries that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. It’s a nice refresher to watch women abroad, rather than women in over a dozen US cities.

RHODubai Season 2 features five returning cast members, as well as one new one. Chanel Ayan, Caroline Stanbury, Caroline Brooks, Lesa Milan, and Sara Al Madani have all returned after making their debut on Season 1. Taleen Marie, on the other hand, is making her grand debut in Season 2.

One of the most fun aspects of every new Real Housewives season is the taglines of each cast member. While some of the RHODubai Season 2 ladies had clever ones, others missed the mark. Here are our official rankings of the RHODubai Season 2 taglines, from best to worst.

Sara Al Madini – “In the land of excess, I find my riches within”

Sara arguably had the most clever tagline, earning her first place on our list. There’s no question that Dubai is one of the first places people think of when it comes to luxury. However, Sara makes a great contrast, by saying that she doesn’t need to be in Dubai to find richness within herself.

When it comes to the Real Housewives shows, many of the women are often seen just for their wealth and success. Sara breaks this stereotype here by saying that what matters most is on the inside, not where you are or what you have.

Caroline Stanbury – “The only thing old about me, darling, is my money”

Caroline’s tagline was also great and was almost as good as Sara’s. At age 48, Caroline is the oldest woman in the RHODubai Season 2 cast. However, in her tagline, Caroline shows that she is not ashamed of her age and that she won’t be defined by it.

The only thing about Caroline’s tagline that I don’t like is the mention of money. It seems like Caroline is bragging slightly, but we can’t be too hard on this since it is RHODubai after all. Caroline’s tagline is incredibly clever, and gives a good insight into the energy she will bring this season.

Taleen Marie – “Take it from me: if you know how to stay chill, you’ll never get burnt”

Taleen might be a new cast member this season, but she is already making quite the name for herself. In her tagline, Taleen seems to address her approach for RHODubai Season 2. Taleen suggests that staying lowkey and out of the drama will help her to avoid getting in trouble with the rest of the cast. It will be interesting to see if she brings the same energy as her tagline into Season 2.

Furthermore, Taleen’s tagline is also a fun play on words, which makes it one of the better ones this season. Dubai is in the desert, so of course there’s always a possibility of getting burned!

Lesa Milan – “The desert may be hot, but I always find the shade”

It seems like Lesa was trying to be clever with her tagline, but she somewhat failed. Like Taleen, Lesa was trying to incorporate the geographical aspects of Dubai into her tagline. However, Lesa’s tagline comes across as basic, and it seems like she didn’t put too much effort into it. Nonetheless, we have to respect her referencing Dubai and give her a few points for that at least.

Caroline Brooks – “I may be building glass houses, but you’ll never see me crack”

Photo Credit: Emilija Popovic/Bravo via Getty Images

Caroline’s tagline references her salon built of glass walls but ultimately falls short. While the four women referenced above all incorporated Dubai into their taglines in some way, Caroline didn’t. This feels like a missed opportunity, especially with a city as special and unique as Dubai.

Chanel Ayan – “If you’re jealous of me, that’s OK, honey. I would be too”

Chanel was one of my favorites during RHODubai Season 1, so it was disappointing to see her tagline this season. Chanel’s tagline is awfully basic and downright conceited. There is nothing about it that pays tribute to Dubai, or even to Chanel herself. Instead, it makes Chanel look like she thinks she’s elite, which is never a good look.

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