Heather and Terry Dubrow’s 25th Wedding Anniversary: Sweetest Moments Together

RHOC's Heather and Terry Dubrow celebrate 25 years of marriage.
Photo Credit: Charles Sykes via Getty Images

Heather Dubrow and Terry Dubrow live on a totally separate planet from you and me. As the majority of our world struggles just to stay afloat, these two are off in the corner, debating the merits of having (or not having) onion rings on their catered tables. Yet, this is what makes them so entertaining to watch on Real Housewives of Orange County. But also, their marriage is fun to take in, because very few solid relationships exist on Bravo.

For years, we have watched them humorously coexist, both on RHOC and off. Now, these two have just passed their 25th year together, which in this day and age is no small feat. In honor of their milestone anniversary, we’re now looking back, reliving some of their sweetest moments together as husband and wife.

Terry is never here for Heather’s haters

Haters love to hate. Heather knows this because, in many seasons, she’s gotten negative feedback, not only from some of her costars but also from some of the viewers. Like a supportive king, Terry often arrived, helping to shut down this noise.

During Season 17, Heather admitted to feeling like a “whipping boy.” She felt ganged up on by her costars. Following this, Terry spoke up for his lady, as always. In speaking to Access Hollywood, Terry noted that watching his wife deal with this drama was “incredibly painful.”

He then added that “it was so painful” that he couldn’t “watch most of the scenes.” Terry also emphasized that “behind the scenes,” this drama “takes an emotional toll.” In turn, Heather spent a lot of time when the cameras were down crying. Therefore, “she needed a lot of support” from him, which he happily supplied, while noting that even still, in his mind “she didn’t lose” this season.

They are both here, however, for parenting proudly


@Heather Dubrow? and #TerryDubrow want to #inspire other families to talk openly about #sexuality ?️‍? #parenting #parentingtips #LGBTQ #support

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In The Dubrow household, Terry and Heather are more than just a supportive duo. They’re also amazing parents. Seriously, their showings as a family are some of my all-time favorite scenes. Especially when they come together to sweetly support their children.

You see, the Dubrows have four kids. Three of their grown babies are proud members of the LGBTQ+ community. Embracing their children for who they are, Terry and Heather have since joined forces, using their platforms to inspire open dialogues on sexuality. “Our message is, it’s all okay,” Heather shared with People, as Terry nodded in agreement.

Almost every season, we see at least one sit-down meal with this family taking place. Around their given table, this family actually communicates. Their phones are nowhere in sight, as they laugh, cry, and talk about all things openly. Terry and Heather’s genuine love for the tribe that they have built is clear, and also, ADOPT ME, DUBROWS.

In addition, their openness on an often-shelved subject matter has added a much-needed element to the Real Housewives franchise. Not once have these two shut down their children’s dreams or feelings, and on this, I find their marriage to be all the sweeter.

Through every stage, their love prevails


TONIGHT on #RHOC – Our “goodbye Dubrow Chateau” moment ❤️ Never thought we’d be here, dancing like we’re teenagers, celebrating the sale of the house that we had been so fortunate to call our HOME. This is a memory I’ll never forget ❤️❤️❤️ Who watched the episode where we broke ground on our house at the Hoedown all the way back in 2014 and who’s watching tonight’s episode!!??

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In 2022, Terry and Heather sold their massive home. They decided to downsize, as their kids are slowly beginning to fly away from their gilded nest. Once their home sold, they filmed a sweet, emotional scene, honoring their past and toasting to their next life stage. They’ve worked hard on every aspect of their shared lives, from their careers, all the way down to the parenting of their children, so this was a much-deserved, very sweet moment on RHOC.

Sometimes though, reality gets a bit too real

Recently, while out at dinner, Terry started to have symptoms of a stroke. Heather clocked this, and insisted that they head straight away to the ER, to get him checked out. Following this, on Watch What Happens Live, Terry called in while Heather was a guest. As his voice emotionally cracked, Terry explained to Andy Cohen that his “best friend” Heather had saved his life.

In explaining this night to Andy, Terry stressed that “that woman in that chair,” refused to listen to his insistence that he was fine. Andy then noted that these “two are really sweet,” and that “their love for each other is very inspiring.” Heather then popped up, joking that Terry’s narcissism returned in the hospital, and that’s when she knew he was going to pull through. At this, the caller known as Terry joked back, telling his wife to hurry back home from NYC.

Speaking from experience, when a married couple is able to joke about their dark, real-life experiences, their love is legit.

An old-fashioned Russian Dressing recipe cures all


Just a few of my FAVORITE things !!!???? Should I make a list of a few of our favorite LA dinner spots??? ?

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Following Terry’s health scare, he and Heather enjoyed a much-needed date night out for Valentine’s Day. Here, Heather realized that their chosen restaurant didn’t serve up the kind of dressing that Terry liked. Therefore, she made it for him herself, right there in their booth. After asking for sides of ketchup, mayo, and “some pickle situation things,” Heather mixed all of these ingredients together, creating a Russian Dressing for her man.

Before she could even finish, Terry’s hand emerged from the side, ready to dip his fried delights into this mix. Heather then joked “Not only did I save your life, I am making you fresh Russian Dressing.” Terry loved it. He also clearly still loves his wife.

And here they still are, 25 years later

If you want a marriage to work, you have to put in the time. Terry and Heather have done just so, building their brand, their family, and their union as one. As Heather just posted, these two have survived and thrived throughout “25 Years” aka “8766 Days,” and yet, they still have “a LIFETIME” left “to go…” So sweet, these two.

Happy anniversary, Dubrows! May the Champagne and the love continue to flow freely between you both.