Paige DeSorbo’s Best Moments on Summer House Season 8

Paige Desorbo's best moments during Summer House Season 8.
Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

Okay, we have to get one thing straight: Paige DeSorbo’s confessionals are, in fact, hilarious. And with the special funny bone comes a sense of responsibility for the Summer House star. Paige has consistently kept the viewers entertained season after season thanks to her witty retorts and candid analysis of what is happening around her. Most quips are a home run, even if some roomies seemed bothered. Overall, Paige is smart and sassy, and we want more for Season 9. 

Paige’s thoughts on Craig

Paige has made it very clear she is in no rush to get married to Craig Conover. In fact, she seems to be enjoying her long-distance relationship a bit too much, according to some of her roommates. The fashionista has shared more than once that she and her Southern Charm beau have a bit of a weird relationship. How could anyone forget that she once trolled the Sewing Down South owner for not knowing ​​what rigatoni pasta was? 

During the first weekend of the summer, Paige noted that she felt Craigy wanted her to need him more. As fans are well aware, that is not Paige’s style. She is fiercely independent. But that didn’t stop Paige from commenting on Craig’s neediness. “So I try to give him a little ya know ‘yeah I need ya. I’d die without ya.’ But let’s be honest, I wouldn’t.” 

Even though Paige isn’t going to be the lovey-dovey type with Craig, she will make sure to roast him. During one of her very first Season 8 confessionals, she teased her boyfriend for his outlandish ideas. She shared, “A couple of weeks ago, he told me he was buying a soccer team in London. The man watched Welcome to Wrexham one time. Now, all of a sudden, he’s Ryan Reynolds. I’m over here trying to be my best, Blake Lively, but I have concerns.” If ever there was a queen to hail it’s Paige. 

We all loved West Wilson when he entered the house (don’t go denying it), even Paige. The sports writer and influencer hit it off pretty quickly, but Paige couldn’t kick the feeling that she had seen West somewhere before. It turns out Paige figured it out during the premier when she told the girls in the kitchen, “I feel like West Conrad Wilson signed the Declaration of Independence.” Paige then said, “He looks like he came off the Mayflower.” 

Paige isn’t a fan of Danielle

Earlier in the season, Danielle Olivera thought it was essential to let Paige know that she thought she was leading Craig on. The two women have never been extremely close, so the unsolicited advice seems to have come out of left field. While speaking with Kyle Cooke, Paige clarified that she knew she “was going to marry him. But it’s going to be on my terms. And if that’s not okay, then well, okay, that’s not okay for you.” Danielle noted, “It’s because you have his balls on a f*cking mantle. I think you’re giving him nothing.”

Yikes – Ms. DeSorbo wasn’t entertaining that input at all as she snapped. She noted, “I’m not going to be holding your hand, reassuring you that I’m your girl. I’m not that.” Paige’s blunt response won her brownie points with fans who felt she was right to stick up for what she wanted out of her relationship and for shutting Danielle down. 

Paige’s relationship advice

Season 8 was not good for Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke. Between the constant fighting and airing of dirty laundry, Paige had to share her two cents. While talking to the Bravo cameras, she noted, “I get that relationships are hard work. But at some point, punch out!” Paige said, “I think Lindsay, deep down, knows that she shouldn’t marry this guy, but I think she wants this fairy tale.”

The assessment wasn’t too far off, as the couple called off their wedding at the end of the season. Paige admitted in her confessional that the fairy tale “sounds beautiful, and I would watch that on Lifetime. I really would. But this is real life, and you guys don’t like each other.”