Love Island USA Season 6: Best Moments From Week One

Love Island USA Season 6 best moments so far.
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I’ve got a text! And it says that Love Island USA Season 6 is off to a great start! The current season already got extra attention thanks to new host Ariana Madix. And it’s surely kept that attention by bringing the heat. In the first week alone, there’s a bunch of moments fans can’t stop talking about. Dare I say that, based on the episodes so far, Love Island USA is better than Love Island UK right now? Hopefully, the show can keep up this momentum for all six weeks.

Ariana’s entrance

Ariana, what are you doing here? Being the perfect Love Island USA host, that’s what! Ariana knocked her hosting debut out of the park. She had the best slow-mo entrance, a Love Island host must. And she looked like a golden goddess. Her stylist, Emily Men, is absolutely killing it, with each ensemble getting gasps (and plenty of flame emojis on social media). It’s hard to pick a favorite, but the gold gown from the first night might be one of Ariana’s best looks ever.

Kordell dreams big

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Viewers, and the Islanders, eventually discovered that Kordell Beckham is the younger brother of Odell Beckham Jr. But that’s not the moment that got people talking. When he and Serena Page spoke about their goals, the aspiring actor expressed his dream to do sponsored social media posts. Specifically, for Cheez-Its. Hey, shoot your shot!

What are snakes again?

After Rob Rausch made waves in Casa Amor last year, he got invited back as an OG Islander this season. As LI USA Season 5 viewers will recall, he’s a professional snake wrangler. In one of the many signs that he and Olivia “Liv” Walker weren’t meant to be, she let him know she doesn’t care for snakes. The Aussie bombshell claimed it’s because she hates insects…forgetting that snakes are reptiles.

Rob and Leah sneak a smooch

Photo Credit: @loveislandusa/Instagram

The new villa is HUGE, and amongst its many unique features, there’s a dock that gives couples privacy. That’s the spot where Rob asked his original partner Leah Kateb to meet him in secret after Liv stole him in the premiere. It was a cute moment that endeared viewers to the couple. Unfortunately, as longtime viewers know, Day One couples don’t typically have smooth sailing. To be fair, Love Island USA would be boring if they did.

Whether it was incredibly well-timed or nudged on by producers, Liv decided to take some terrace selfies. Which, of course, gave her a perfect view of the makeout session at the dock. When there’s too much drama and debate over telling the person you’re coupled with about kissing someone else, it gets repetitive. Catching them in the act is much better TV.

JaNa shares her reading recommendations

As Week One came to a close, JaNa Craig emerged as the season’s main character. Pulling bombshell Connor Newsum for a chat, she broke the ice by sharing what she likes to read. Showing quite the range, she said she loves to read the dictionary…and books about serial killers. Some may call that a red flag. However, her reading list clearly charmed Connor.

Leah’s gift

In the Higher or Lower challenge, Leah revealed the most she spent on a guy at once was $1,000. Turns out, it was for a custom Louis Vuitton blunt holder. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this since the episode. Is a blunt holder like a cigarette holder? How long has Louis Vuitton made custom blunt holders? Do other major designers offer this as well? And how was it a thousand dollars?

JaNa chooses herself

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On the first night, Coye Simmons was the one everyone wanted. Three of the girls rushed to his heart-shaped podium. He ended up picking JaNa. While they made a very good-looking pair, the relationship hit some snags a few days later.

The breaking point seemed to be in the Higher or Lower challenge. Especially, when the girls revealed how many people they’ve slept with. The reactions from the guys weren’t great in general, and the double standards were obvious. Coye was bothered and accused JaNa of lying.

Between that reaction, and very poor communication, she ended up picking Connor. Even still, she made sure there were no hard feelings between her and Coye.

The recoupling turns into chaos

Most of the time, during the first recoupling ceremony, contestants just sit in silence between picks and recoupling speeches. It usually takes a few weeks, especially after Casa Amor, for things to descend into chaos. But this year’s Love Island USA cast left nothing unsaid.

The girls don’t play it safe

In a welcome turn from the usual, the girls this season are taking risks and making bold moves in the challenges. In the week’s final challenge, the girls took the opportunity to kiss other contestants than the one they’re coupled with. Just as the guys on this show do all the time! They also made some bold declarations when labeling people as “two-faced” and “game players,” which spices up the drama.

Unfortunately, the game led to some major fallout for Kaylor Martin and Aaron Evans. Though they initially seemed to be the strongest couple, reality TV veteran Aaron was rattled by her kissing someone else in the game. Week One ended with both of them in tears. All while the show teased the arrival of two new bombshells…because there’s never a dull moment in this villa!

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