How Ariana Madix Slayed the Love Island USA Premiere as Host

Ariana Madix slayed the Love Island USA premiere.
Photo Credit: Ben Symons/Peacock via Getty Images

The Love Island USA Season 6 premiere confirms it – Ariana Madix is the perfect host for her favorite show. Ariana’s love of Love Island was obvious on her other series, Vanderpump Rules. In an episode from Season 10, viewers saw how her ex Tom Sandoval was dismissive of the dating show. In a perfect full-circle moment, Ariana’s passion for the franchise led to some guest appearances on LI USA Season 5, as well as the spin-off Love Island Games. Her appearances were so well received, fans celebrated once she officially became the new host.

The Love Island USA Season 6 premiere was a strong opening in general. The contestants are charming, there were some new twists and turns, and the conversations provided hilarious, meme-worthy moments. Personally, I can’t stop thinking about the contestant who said a Cheez-Its sponsored post is one of his major goals. Or the bombshell mistakenly calling snakes insects.

Along the way, Ariana’s bubbly and infectious energy, as well as her obvious passion for the show, made the episode even more fun. It may have been her first rodeo as an official host, but you’d think Ariana had this role for years. Here’s why we can’t wait to couple up with Ariana all season long.

Ariana nailed her slow-mo entrance

The girl knows how to make an entrance! As a Love Island superfan, Ariana surely practiced her slow-mo host walk long before her first appearance on the show. This is, of course, a staple of the LI franchises. So are narrator Iain Stirling’s jokes about how long the walks take. She absolutely crushed it.

She looked like an absolute bombshell

Photo Credit: @arianamadix/Instagram

Ariana had several looks for the premiere, and they all made our jaws drop. For her first outfit, Ariana looked like a literal goddess in a gold gown that appeared as if it were poured on her body. Her mermaid-esque hairstyle and bronzed beauty makeup took the ensemble to a whole new level. Her VPR co-stars went wild for the stunning look in her Instagram comments. Scheana Shay said it perfectly, writing, “A Golden Goddess!” Ariana, naturally, replied, “Good as Gold vibes.” When she reappeared the next night, Ariana wore a fun and flirty mini-dress with a super cute high pony. Get you a host that can do both!

She’s always had good style, but Ariana’s seriously stepped up her fashion game since her revenge looks took the world by storm. As hostess with the mostess slow-mo entrances, Ariana will essentially have her own personal runway moments all season long. I can’t wait to see all of the amazing looks she rocks while strutting her stuff.

Her natural charm goes a long way

As much as I love this show (almost as much as Ariana does), I’ll admit there are parts that can be a bit awkward. But through her obvious love of the show and her natural charisma, Ariana never felt stilted. From questioning the contestants to the raunchy icebreaker game to the first coupling up, the host’s bubbly energy was infectious. She was born for this job!

The opening lip-sync dance sequence, for instance, could have been extremely cringe-worthy. But the Dancing with the Stars finalist brought out some of those skills in the opening and appeared to be having a great time. Her smile throughout also helped. Plus, I really bought that she was amazed to see those random fireworks that appeared early in night one!

Ariana’s a girl’s girl

In press leading up to the LI USA Season 6 premiere, Ariana said she wanted to be supportive of the contestants. This was evident in her hosting. When she first met the girls, Ariana repeatedly emphasized that she had their backs. Joining in the champagne toast, she instantly built a camaraderie with the ladies. She also kept mentioning how excited she was to get to know them better. Later in the episode, she also made sure to acknowledge how difficult the bombshell’s decision to steal a boy was. And she’s already warned the guy contestants to be on their best behavior.

Love Island can be a bumpy ride for contestants. In the first episode alone, we saw contestants get emotionally attached to their partners in less than 24 hours. Naturally, there were some tears shed already. In such an emotionally stressful environment, it makes a big difference for contestants when a host has their back. As Vanderpump Rules viewers know, Ariana is a supportive pal, and the biggest cheerleader for her friends.

Ariana will keep the villa (and the audience) on their toes

Another responsibility of the host is to ramp up the tension. At the very end of the Season 6 premiere, Ariana did so perfectly. With the bombshell steal leaving a girl single, Ariana solemnly stated, “Being single on Love Island is never a good thing.” It wouldn’t be the first time this show sent someone home almost immediately, so as a viewer, I prepared for the worst. It was a genuine and welcome surprise for Ariana to joyfully announce, “Unless of course, someone has arranged for two smoking hot new boys to arrive late to the party!”

Introducing three bombshells in the very first episode is a twist I don’t think I’ve ever seen on the show before. Ariana set it up perfectly so that contestants- and the audience- would gasp in delight. Surely, she’ll keep everyone on their toes all season long.

For more of Ariana’s hosting, be sure to watch Love Island USA Season 6 on Peacock.