Ariana Madix’s Best Revenge Looks Since Scandoval

Ariana Madix at the Vanderpump Rules reunion
(Photo credit: Peacock/YouTube)

Ariana Madix’s emotions were put through the ringer by her terrible ex-boyfriend, Tom Sandoval. As a result, the Vanderpump Rules star has tried her best to move on. One way in which she’s doing this is with her personal style, and Ariana Madix’s revenge looks are truly stunning.

Season 10 of Vanderpump Rules was a wild ride for Ariana and viewers, though it’s safe to say that viewers enjoyed it more than she did. Finding out that her friend, Raquel Leviss, was having an affair with Tom was clearly a devastating blow. 

But if there’s one thing that fans have been impressed by is just how well Ariana has managed to pick herself up, dust herself off, and move on with her life. Ariana is now reportedly dating someone new and is living her best life without the dead weight that was Tom. For the last few months, Ariana has shared numerous amazing looks that are showing Tom what he missed out on.

THE Revenge Dress

Ariana Madix/Instagram

For the Season 10 reunion, Ariana came prepared in what fans have dubbed, the revenge dress. There’s nothing subtle about the stunning red gown with strategic sexy cutouts. In this dress, Ariana proudly showed off her body and was the star of the reunion. 

This revenge look was a true standout among her castmates, and Ariana almost certainly chose the dress as a way to stick it to Tom. Nothing says, ‘I’m doing great without you’ like a bombshell red revenge dress, and Ariana’s was one for the ages.


In an Instagram post promoting an energy drink, Ariana once again looked absolutely stunning. Her summer-ready look exudes an effortless style and laid back attitude. Ariana looks incredible in her cutoff denim shorts and long-sleeve crop top. The look is fun, youthful, and sexy, which seems to be the vibe Ariana is going for these days.

Hopefully Tom isn’t keeping an eye on his ex’s social media, because he’d only be tortured with gorgeous photos of his former girlfriend. In this flirty warm weather style, Ariana is serving ‘better than Raquel’ energy, and fans are living for it.

Revenge Dress(ing)

Ariana Madix/Instagram

In a sponsored post promoting Bloomingdale’s, Ariana is yet again strutting her stuff in a sexy red revenge dress…sensing a pattern here? In her first look in the first photo of the post, Ariana looks incredible, and her style only gets better and more spicy as you scroll through the pics.

In the next picture, Ariana is rocking a sparkly nude, see-through dress that makes her look like a complete glamazon. She also models a lovely lilac gown and edgy black outfit with more strategic sexy cutouts. Ariana even hashtagged the post “revengedressing,” so there’s no doubt she’s saying, ‘eat your heart out, Tom,” with these looks.

Sleek & Sexy

Ariana Madix/Instagram

Ariana really pushes the envelope in this post, and it’s a rare edgy look for her. She usually favors sweet, feminine looks, but this getup is much more risqué. With this revenge look, Ariana has opted for a wet hair look while draped with a sparkle-encrusted jacket.

With her pose and dripping-wet body, it looks like Ariana just stepped out of the shower and covered herself in the glamest jacket you’ve ever seen. The black-and-white photo is striking and a standout on Ariana’s Instagram page. It also probably has Tom kicking himself for his bad decisions.

Glamour Cover


Proving she’s a woman of many styles, Ariana opted for a clean-cut, pared down look for her cover of Glamour magazine. Here, Ariana is shown with her hair tied back, wearing a simple outfit of jeans and a crisp, white tank top. The result is highly effective, as the simple styling lets her true beauty shine.

Though Ariana looks incredible in her glam looks, this down-to-earth style suits her as well. It’s proof that Ariana doesn’t need heavy makeup or a showy gown to look beautiful. She looks just as lovely in a simple, everyday look.

Better in Black

Ariana Madix/Instagram

Ariana is quickly establishing herself as queen of the cutout, and this dress is another stunning revenge look. Like her reunion revenge dress, this gown also features long sleeves and a long hemline, with the standout being the strategic cutouts on the torso and chest.

Again, the resulting look showcases Ariana’s body, to remind Tom of what he lost. Ariana has been serving up look after look that shows she’s loving life without her anchor of an ex. With summer only part way through, Ariana is sure to deliver more sexy seasonal fashion that will make Tom regret throwing away his relationship with such an incredible woman.