Caroline Brooks explains RHODubai Beyoncé drama.
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Caroline Brooks Explains Beyoncé Drama on RHODubai: ‘They Had To Use Binoculars’

When it comes to Real Housewives, I live for petty drama. Sure, the legal battles and Christening brawls keep me coming back. But what makes me invested? Pure petty.

Such pettiness is in full force on this season of Real Housewives of Dubai. Season 2 of the franchise opened with alternate realities of a Beyoncé concert. In one universe, Caroline Brooks and Caroline Stanbury had the best seats. In another, Chanel Ayan and Lesa Milan had even better seats.

Why does this matter? It doesn’t. But it’s fun and silly to see grown women argue about this. So much so that Caroline B. had to set the record straight after the episode aired, lest we get confused about who had the best view.

Caroline was hired to service Beyoncé’s team

Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2 Caroline Brooks at a fitness event.
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In a recent interview with Yahoo Canada, the luxury spa owner shed some very important light on the matter.

“We worked directly with Beyoncé’s team. That’s part of the reason why Stanbury and I were sat where we were sat, we actually had the best seats,” Caroline stated, noting that her salon was hired to do hair and nails. “I don’t know what ‘V.V.I.P.’ means, I’ve never heard of that in my life, but all I know is that those girls were in the nosebleed section.”

“Beyoncé was so close we could probably just jump in the water and touch her. Specifically, her team placed me there. Stanbury and I had the best seats for Beyoncé,” Caroline added, “There’s no questioning it. I don’t care who Ayan and Lesa were partying with, they didn’t see anything. They had to use binoculars.”

What’s ahead this season

Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2 cast at an outdoor event.
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According to Caroline, the Beyoncé stuff is just the tip of the iceberg this season.

“There are going to be a lot of shifts in friendships throughout our entire friend group. And some people who are not as close grow closer, others who were super close drift apart.”

“It is a very dramatic, very entertaining, very fun season. There’s going to be happy moments and sad moments, and I feel like it’s going to be super relatable to a lot of people watching,” she concluded.

Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2 continues every Tuesday on Bravo at 9/8c.