Kenya Moore hit with five-figure tax bill.
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Kenya Moore Hit with Five-Figure Tax Bill Weeks Before Alleged Suspension

As Ben Franklin said, “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore recently learned the truth of that old proverb.

March 14, just weeks before she was allegedly suspended from RHOA, the tax man came calling with a bill for nearly $15,000. Apparently, Kenya forgot to pay her Fulton County, Georgia, taxes in 2023.

Court documents show Kenya received a “Fieri Facias,” a court order ordering the Sheriff to collect either the amount owed or to collect property to satisfy the judgment. The county has yet to file a release on the lien.

Revenge porn?

Kenya Moore posing in floor-length metallic gold dress.
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This isn’t Kenya’s first twirl with the tax collector. In 2018, the IRS filed a lien on Kenya’s property for $150,000, for the 2016 tax year. That bill was eventually satisfied and released, according to In Touch.

In addition to her tax troubles, Kenya is facing the loss of her Bravo paycheck. Just last week, news broke that Kenya was suspended from filming for unacceptable behavior against a co-star. Guests at her Kenya Moore Hair Spa were reportedly shocked by prominent posters depicting castmate Brittany Eady performing a sex act.

While Brittany didn’t attend the event, several other Atlanta castmates did, including Kenya’s bestie Porsha Williams. Sources claim the obscene posters were retaliation for alleged threats Brittany made to Kenya before the event.

Production sources dismissed claims of a threat, saying, “At no time was Kenya ever threatened with a weapon, nor was there ever a weapon present during the course of production.”

Cast reactions

Kenya Moore in a fancy blue dress with feathers for a Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion.
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Following the allegations, Kenya made a lengthy post on Instagram. “Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see,” she wrote. “The truth always comes to light … I would never engage in revenge porn, I have never distributed private images or footage of anyone, nor solicited images owned by others to use to threaten or blackmail, [and] I have always been vindicated. I can’t talk about STORY even with people planting fake news #sweet16.”

Castmate Drew Sidora posted on social media, “I’m flabbergasted and floored.”

In her defense, Brittany responded, “It’s never a good feeling being targeted or HAZED by someone I thought would embrace me into a new circle, that I never met … For the record, I’ve never once had possession of any weapons or threatened anyone ever. I’ve never been to jail, in [a] fight, or even had as much as a speeding ticket. That’s not my character. I am hurt by the narrative that’s being displayed. Wrong is wrong.” It’s pretty sad for her to come into a new job already dealing with such outright hostility from a co-worker.

Bravo has yet to comment. Perhaps if Kenya is allegedly suspended, she can work on this tax situation…

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