RHOSLC's Lisa Barlow being sued for $410k in alleged unpaid loans.
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RHOSLC’s Lisa Barlow Responds After Being Sued for $410,000 in Alleged Unpaid Loans

Somewhere in the snowy depths of Utah, Lisa Barlow and her six attorneys are having a serious discussion. The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star just got slapped with a $410,000 lawsuit for unpaid loans. Allegedly, this all stems from money she borrowed to keep her businesses afloat.

Big claims from Lisa’s former business partner

Lisa Barlow in a confessional interview on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.
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According to Page Six, a man named Bart Carlson filed the lawsuit. Apparently, he used to be a friend and business partner of Lisa. Between May 2010 and February 2018, he allegedly loaned Lisa, Vida Tequila, and Luxe Marketing a total of $410,842.36.

In the lawsuit, Bart said that he and Lisa never agreed to a payment schedule because they were so close. Clearly, that relationship has changed. Bart claimed that he spent years trying to get Lisa to pay him back. She brushes it off and says she can’t afford it.

These days, Lisa is on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City bragging about the success of her businesses She launched a skincare business with her sons. Last season, she spiraled out over a $60K ring that she somehow lost. From what we’ve seen on the show, money doesn’t seem to be an issue. So, after years and years of no repayment, Bart decided to get the courts involved.

Lisa has denied it all

Lisa Barlow sitting at a dinner table and smiling on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 4.
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It shouldn’t be too surprising to learn that Lisa is denying all of the claims in this lawsuit. Do you think Mrs. Baby Gorgeous would admit to not paying back nearly half a million dollars in loans? In a statement, Lisa admitted to doing business with Bart but denied ever having outstanding loans with him.

“Bart Carlson was once a business partner in a restaurant in Park City and, I thought, a friend. I am deeply saddened that he has decided nine years after our restaurant business ceased to claim that I owe him money,” Lisa said in a statement.

“To be very clear, the claim that I owe Bart or his company money is untrue. I pay my bills and obligations and I always have” Lisa continued.

Famously, Lisa has said that she spends $60K a year on glam. She also said that she was “richer” than all of her castmates, Now, she’s committed to making sure that’s proven in court.

Lisa said, “I look forward to the truth coming out and I intend to hold Bart fully accountable for any damage this personal attack may cause me or my businesses.”