Below Deck Med Season 9 stars Aesha Scott and Elena Dubaich on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen
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Why Below Deck Med’s Elena Dubaich Was ‘Shocked’ by Chef Jono

Below Deck Mediterranean star Elena Dubaich had some choice words for chef Jono Shillingford regarding his snafu of serving cold eggs to charter guests. And not to just any guests either. But to Captain Sandy Yawn’s bestie, tennis super star Gigi Fernandez.

Using tennis terminology, Jono totally double faulted his meals. First, he served an uninspired chicken breast, with a sponge cake and store-bought sorbet for dessert. Then he served cold eggs the next morning. It’s no wonder Elena had a thing or two to say about the situation.

Elena questions Jono’s “thought process” and timing on Below Deck Med Season 9


Elena Dubaich wonders what the thought process was behind Chef Johnathan Shillingford’s eggs on BelowDeckMed. #WWHL

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Jono and Elena started off on the wrong foot. During the first charter, the guests put on their preference sheet they wanted late night snacks. Unfortunately, Jono missed that bit and went to bed leaving no food out for the guests. Oop.

When Elena was asked for grilled cheese, nachos, and mac and cheese, she went straight to her closet to search for the perfect costume. No chef outfit was in her wardrobe, so the only reasonable option was to wake the chef. 

According to Captain Sandy, you should never wake the chef. Well, Elena broke that unknown rule and woke up Jono not once, but twice to cook the snacks. Jono laid down the law with a firm “no.” Luckily for Elena, Gael Cameron was on hand to fire up the griddle. After that debacle, things were tense between Elena and Jono. 

On the next charter, Elena was not in charge of the cold eggs breakfast. Which is lucky for her because who knows if she would have been able to bite her tongue as tensions with Jono were already high. Elena found out later, just like Aesha Scott, that Jono had left the eggs out long before they made it to the table.

Both Elena and Aesha were on Watch What Happens Live to share their outrage on the matter with Andy Cohen.

Andy asked Elena, “With everything that happened between you and Jono during the first charter, what was your reaction to seeing him make eggs over an hour before serving them to the guests?” 

Elena responded, “I was shocked to see that. Like, what is the thought process? Please explain it to me. Because even if the breakfast is at 8:30, you need to wait for the guests to wake up before you make eggs surely.” Jono did cover up the eggs with a dish towel to keep in the heat. That counts right?

Andy added, “And by the way it doesn’t take a long time to get the eggs going.” A shocked Aesha chimed in. She said, “I had no idea. That’s the first time I saw that.” Elena concluded, “Um, yeah. Mortifying.” Indeed. 

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