Andy Cohen now thinks Carl Radke double talked Lindsay Hubbard.
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Andy Cohen Says Carl Radke ‘Double Talked’ Lindsay Hubbard During Summer House Season 8

Many of us were a little shocked when Andy Cohen opened the Summer House Season 8 Reunion by congratulating Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard on their breakup.

“On behalf of America, I’m so glad you’re not getting married,” he said cheerfully. If there was ever any doubt about whether these two were ready to tie the knot, all doubt was erased during the season. All they did the entire summer was bicker and argue. Lindsay even accused the “love of her life” of being “on something” (as in drugs) and called him “Cocaine Carl.”

But at least one fan objected to Andy’s making light of a sad situation and called him out on his Andy Cohen Live podcast. “Wow, Andy,” wrote Jean Marie Lombardi. “To start the Summer House reunion being gleeful about the end of their engagement was so disrespectful to them both. If Mercedes Javid’s mom passed, would you ever say, ‘I think we can all agree that it’s a great thing that Vita is not here because she was so abusive to MJ’?”

Andy defends his hosting

“Okay, first of all, no. I would never be gleeful about someone’s death,” Andy responded.

“That’s crazy,” agreed his co-host, John Hill.

“Second of all, they shouldn’t have been together [in the first place],” Andy continued. Is there really anyone in America who didn’t see this couple as doomed from the get-go?

Carl was trying to live a sober life while attached to someone who loved to drink and party. Carl needed support and understanding during his recovery, while Lindsay was constantly critical and unsupportive. And then there’s Lindsay’s temper. She has said, “Don’t activate me because you have not seen me activated.”

“I was gleeful and watching them fight for 15 episodes,” Andy confessed. “[But] by the way, Lindsay is now happily in love with a new man.”

Andy “rode too hard” for the boys

Photo Credit: Jocelyn Prescod/Bravo

“Then to let Kyle [Cooke] talk over her,” the commenter continued, “and involve himself so obnoxiously in the conversation that you were trying to initiate between you and Carl. Many more examples of how hard you rode for Carl, and how you blatantly let everyone sh*t all over Lindsay was gross. You are an excellent reunion host. This was disappointing.”

“Well, I did get a lot of negative feedback about that,” Andy confessed, “about me at that reunion saying that I rode too hard for the guys. I wish it would’ve been three parts. That’s all I can say, because there was a whole lot more.”

“Also, I was tough on Carl,” he continued. “Maybe that didn’t come across, but I mean, he double-talked Lindsay all season too. I mean, he mixed-messaged her, so I thought we talked about that a lot.”

I’ll admit that Carl was quick to acknowledge his and Lindsay’s problems. But then, in the next breath, he would reassure her that he was committed to the relationship. The mixed messages were confusing and were the reason why Lindsay felt “blindsided” when he called off the wedding.

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