Luis Ruelas accused of owing over $300k to vendors.
Photo Credit: Emma McIntyre/Variety via Getty Images

RHONJ’s Luis Ruelas Accused of Owing Over $300,000 to Vendors After Business Launch

Real Housewives of New Jersey husband Luis Ruelas is catching some heat on social media. A party planner who helped launch one of Luis’ new business ventures last year is alleging he never paid her.

Luis attended the party, alongside his son, two step-daughters Audriana and Gia Giudice, and Gia’s boyfriend. The event planner claims Luis owes her $300,000 for the Vinivia launch party. That’s a lot of canapés.

Now the party planner has taken her case to social media. In a screenshot posted to Instagram earlier this week, the woman made her plea for payment to Luis. “[Luis Ruelas] how do we get paid?!” she asked, next to a photo of Luis and Teresa Giudice‘s blended family.

Non-payment has been “difficult” for the event planner

Speaking in an Instagram, @wifeoftheparty admitted that Luis’ non-payment of his debt to her has put her in a bad place.

“I want to be very clear that as this project went on, everything was requested and approved, and I have everything to show that,” she wrote. “This wasn’t a surprise number. [Marcello Genovese, Vinivia’s co-founder] fully agreed and just kept giving me excuses.”

“I’m at the point now where I finally realize that they’re not going to pay me,” the event planner continued. “It’s making me sick, and I think that moreover, it was really important that I finally spoke up … This is complete fraud, and this is a few hundred thousand dollars.”

The party planner alleges there was “fraudulent paperwork” and “money returned.” She added, “He did send a couple [of] small credit card payments, but I do realize now that was just to shut me up, and it just really sucks.”

“[They] had this huge party that they couldn’t afford at my expense,” she concluded.

The party celebrated the new streaming app Vinivia, which, according to Google, “offers an immersive and authentic way to showcase products, launch promotions, and connect with consumers.” Luis reportedly helped launch Vinivia as an independent contractor.

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