Why RHODubai’s Taleen Marie May Be Over Her Friendship With Caroline Brooks

Caroline Brooks might have lost a friend in Taleen Marie.
Photo Credit: Greg Doherty/Bravo via Getty Images

Sometimes, friendships run their course, especially in the Real Housewives of Dubai. Even though we are only in the sophomore season of the franchise, we have seen friendships exchanged like currency in the City of Gold. Caroline Brooks has been a series regular and made quite a name for herself. The American is all about the ride-or-die lifestyle when it comes to her inner circle, but sometimes, that blood oath can feel a bit too much.

Enter Taleen Marie. The former singer moved from Los Angeles to follow her husband and hasn’t looked back. But she did have the helpful guidance of Caroline, her nearest and dearest friend. The premiere episode showed the two as thick as thieves, but almost overnight, their temperament changed. Fans are starting to see cracks in their foundation, which is making us think twice about whether or not this friendship is everlasting. 

Brooks couldn’t let sleeping dogs lie

Listen, I am all for a friend having the other’s back. But when that said friend has moved on from an incident, you need to do so as well. Viewers learned that Caroline Stanbury had made one of her sarcastic English jokes about Taleen “Toppiling over.” The former Gift Library owner also might have noted that her husband saw the newbie’s vagina. Okay, not a great start. During Taleen’s dinner party, Brooks got a bit tipsy and called Stanbury a hypocrite and a “c*nt.” Taleen, however, made it clear Stanbury can either take her as she is or leave her.

Brooks is bringing the drama

However, Brooks just can’t seem to get over how badly Stanbury spoke about her friend. But I’d wager this angry streak is more than just about Taleen. Brooks is most likely stressed AF with her new business and single-parenting life. But Taleen, who is noticing the attitude change, shouldn’t be the one having to deal with the fallout. The latest episode already showed Taleen trying to bridge the gap of dysfunction. But Brooks seemed hell-bent on disturbing it.

After hearing Sergio Carrallo talk about how unhappy he was, Taleen offered Stanbury an olive branch of peace. Instead of bringing the news to the entire group, she pulled the OG aside and told her privately. The move proved that Taleen didn’t want the drama that her bestie was stirring up. 

Taleen felt like a pawn

While on Watch What Happens Live, Taleen noted that the who-ha comments upset her, especially because of how her friend had brought the information to her. The singer revealed, “I kind of feel like a pawn in Brooks’ game.” The mother of two told the host, “I’ll be honest, Andy. I feel like Brooks wanted me to come into the show and be her lapdog, her puppet. And the second I was starting to make my own decisions and getting to know the other girls it escalated.”  

Honestly, I don’t blame Taleen for possibly wanting a break with Brooks. The Glass House owner comes off as extremely annoying. The mother of one has a history of overreacting and often makes a mountain out of a molehill. Being friends with this type of personality can often be draining. Maybe Taleen just wants some space to think. 

The two are clearly feuding

In a recent tweet, Caroline seemingly outed her once close friend with some marital secrets. Brooks noted, “Actually, I’m not sleeping with anyone at the moment, nor do I sleep with a lot of men ever. But we can talk about who Taleen and her husband are sleeping with… Let’s not go there! You have kids, and I like them, so tread lightly.” The threats kept coming and Brooks continued, “I’ll be damned if someone who brings women into her bedroom to please her husband would say that I ‘sleep with a lot of men’ @taleenkhanoyan you want to go there with me? We can! … If she goes low, I’m going to hell! With receipts.”

As if it couldn’t get any more uncomfortable, Brooks signed off, writing, “I put Taleen on this show. She knew not a single person from my cast, and we planned it from Season 1. I promised her I’d do whatever it took to get her on, as she was so desperate to be a part of it! I kept my promise. I’m allowing you to be thirsty and not saying much, but…”

Personally, I am exhausted for Taleen. My advice is to run far, far away from the friendship with Brooks. No friendship is worth this amount of drama. 

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