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Robyn Dixon Thinks, “Karen Huger Needs To Make Up Her Mind”

On the season premiere of Real Housewives of Potomac, Gizelle Bryant made a significant attempt to reconcile with Karen Huger.  She brought freshly baked homemade cookies right to Karen’s front door.  And considering how remote Karen’s front door is in relation to the rest of the cast, the most hopeful among us thought it would be enough of a gesture to get Gizelle back into Karen’s good graces.

A cautiously optimistic Gizelle called Robyn Dixon on the way over to give her the scoop.  These two have been very fixated on leading Karen to the waters of self-awareness.  It’s been a fruitless endeavor at this point but it has brought Robyn and Gizelle closer.  So who better to ask about Karen and Gizelle’s encounter than Robyn.

RHOP Matt Real Housewives of Potomac

Last season on the Real Housewives of Potomac, Karen Huger held a “press conference” and introduced the reality TV world to Matt Byars.  Her costars didn’t know what to make of his presence there or in what capacity he worked for Karen.  Matt seems to be a jack-of-all-trades functioning as Karen’s “assistant,” “part of her management team,” her “attorney,” and her “everything.”

Gizelle Bryant summed up her costars bewilderment. She said, “I have absolutely no idea who this person is sitting next to me.” Well, finally Gizelle and costars Monique Samuels, Robyn Dixon, Ashley Darby,Candiace Dillard, and viewers at large will get an answer.

90 Day Fiance Ashley Martson Will “Walk Away” From Jay Smith Drama

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 4 premiered on April 28th and Ashley Martson was clearly upset with then-husband Jay Smith.  But what fans need to remember is that she’s still angry about the Tinder account.  The mere months that passed between filming the series and today are filled with divorce-worthy moments, according to Ashley.

Just like Colt Johnson and Larissa Dos Santos Lima, viewers know that Ashley and Jay are headed for separation.  But they tune in anyway to see how it all went down.  And according to Ashley, the footage will not disappoint.

90 Day Fiance’s Larissa Dos Santos Lima And Colt Johnson Finalize Their Divorce

The separation of Larissa Dos Santos Lima and Colt Johnson was made into a public affair as both parties shared details of their tumultuous relationship in real time.  The  90 Day Fiance couple posted about the fights, altercations, and scandals that plagued their relationship on social media.  So despite the fact that 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? premiered this past Sunday, fans of the show already know how it will end.

It was inevitable.  Larissa was arrested three times during their brief but hectic relationship.  There were accusations of infidelity, among other things and an intimate photo circulating the internet.  Without taking sides, one could say Colt and Larissa were toxic together.

whitney port

Whitney Port has spent enough time on reality TV to be wary of it.  It can bring out the worst in people and blur lines between reality and reality TV.   And now that she has decided to return to the medium, Whitney is sharing her thoughts on coming back to it all and how she has meshed with her former costars.

Whitney was Lauren Conrad’s coworker on The Hills.  She handled herself with grace and stayed above the fray for the most part.  Whitney basically sat in a closet with Lauren for two years and functioned as a soundboard to everyone else’s drama.  Then she landed her own show, The Cityfor two seasons.

Real Housewives Of Potomac Season 4 Taglines Revealed

The Real Housewives of Potomac taglines for Season 4 are finally here!  Just in time for the premiere on May 5th.  And the ladies are certainly bringing the attitude.

There are some surprises and innuendos.  Gizelle Bryant changed her trademark phrase. Meanwhile, Karen Huger is still reigning supreme as the Grand Dame.  No one can keep the group in line and hold her own as well as Karen. Still, that doesn’t stop Ashley Darby from getting a dig back at her.  Candiace Dillard references her upcoming wedding.  Robyn Dixon and Monique Samuels express new outlooks.  Tie in all the trailer footage and this season promisess non-stop conflict.

90 Day Fiance’s Ashley Martson Files For Divorce Again

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After is premiering on Sunday.  Why is this relevant in an article about Ashley Martson and Jay Smith’s marital status?  Because plenty of 90 Day Fiance fans are calling Ashley’s latest divorce filing a conveniently timed publicity stunt.

But could it be legitimate this time?  After all, this time the divorce petition is accompanied by cryptic Instagram posts, and a summons for Jay to appear in immigration court.  It seems there may really be trouble in Mechanicsburg, PA.

Tasha Rosenbrook Gives An Update

Eric Rosenbrook and Leida Margaretha may have planned to be the stars of their scenes on 90 Day Fiance, but it was Eric’s daughter, Tasha Rosenbrook, who quickly became the fan favorite.  That sentiment was solidified after viewers watched in horror as Leida and Eric kicked Tasha out of the apartment they all briefly shared.

Since then, Leida and Eric quit the show but the conflict is far from over.  They had a four year restraining order put on Tasha.  She was determined to appeal it.  Fans donated to GoFundMe to support Tasha with the legal fees.  On Monday, she and her roommate Jan posted an update on the case via Instagram story.